Step back in time at the Biot and the Templars festival

For those longing to be part of a time when chivalry was alive and well, damsels’ beauty was enshrined in poetry and song, and the sport of the day was either jousting or falconry, this weekend’s Biot and the Templars festival will be the place to be.  

The much-loved event will run from 5th to 7th April in and around the town of Biot, with over 150 fantastic shows planned under the theme of ‘At the Dawn of Europe’.  

The 2023 festival attracted upwards of 100,000 people, making it one of the biggest events to take place in the Alpes-Maritimes last year, and the 2024 edition is set to be just as popular.


Both participants and visitors will immerse themselves in the spirit of the medieval age by wearing period costumes. Expect demonstrations of the way of life of the 13th century and there will be countless stalls selling an array of handmade crafts. 

Visitors can expect to see a reconstruction of a village of medieval artisans, a torchlight parade, hand-to-hand combat battles, tournaments, equestrian shows, beggars, troubadours and folk music performances along with lots of different shows, such as falconry and jousting, all free of charge.  


Biot is historically connected to the medieval Templars, making this event very dear to locals.  

“The Templars are part of the history of Biot, it is our history, it belongs to us,” says Jean-Pierre Dermit, the mayor of Biot. “The current contours of the territory of the commune were drawn thanks to the acquisitions of the Templars. They stayed in Biot from 1209 to 1308. In every alley of Biot, the stones speak.” 

For more information about the festival, click here.  

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Photo credit: Jon Kershaw