Sustainability takes root in Monaco: ‘The Agri Food & Green Tech’ expo awaits

Monaco transforms into a sustainable innovation hotspot this November with the Agri Food and Green Tech Innovation Expo, bringing trailblazers and investors together under one roof for a world of eco-innovation where the future of food, recycling, and green tech unfolds.

As the world turns its focus on sustainable development, Monaco steps up as the host for this year’s ‘Agri Food and Green Tech Innovation’ expo. The event, planned for the evening of 23rd November at the Le Méridien Beach Plaza, is being organised by White Castle Partners and offers a limited number of seats to ensure an intimate and impactful experience for attendees.

Innovators, founders, and eco-conscious investors will convene to exchange ideas and explore the latest advancements in cellular agriculture, plant-based proteins, and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Highlights include cutting-edge showcases and a chance to rub shoulders with pioneers in recycling technology and sustainable cosmetics.

The expo isn’t all business, though. It also features a happy hour networking session, complete with snacks and cocktails, offering a relaxed backdrop for forging new partnerships and stirring up conversations that could spearhead the next big eco-friendly project.

Register at: Agri Food & Green Tech Innovation Expo in Monaco Tickets, Thu 23 Nov 2023 at 18:00 | Eventbrite


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Photo credit: Steven Weeks, on Unsplash. This article was originally published on 8th November.