Take to the skies on Helicopter Day in Monaco

Get ready for airborne adventures when the Monaco Aero Club, Omère Longevity Solutions and the Ultim8 Private Club host a meet-and-greet day where visitors also have the chance to take a helicopter ride for a birds-eye view of the Principality.

For those whose heads and hearts are in the clouds, 15th September, Helicopter Day, will be a can’t miss occasion.

The Monaco Aero Club, Omère Longevity Solutions and the Ultim8 Private Club are planning an event with private jet and helicopter owners, aviation experts, and top decision makers from the aviation industry all there to meet with those interested in these aerial forms of transport.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to hop on a quick ride around the Principality on a chopper, seeing the beauty of the country from a unique bird’s eye view.

This business casual event is a one-off chance to get to know the people behind one of Monaco’s oldest clubs, the Monaco Aero Club, as well as learn about Omère, who offer personalised health solutions and treatments aimed at enhancing and elongating life, and Ultim8, a private members club of UNWI’s focused on creating exclusive experiences with complete discretion.

Participation fees for Helicopter Day are €850, including the helicopter ride and the registration fee to the Monaco Aero Club. For more information email info@ultim8.com. For tickets, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/helicopter-day-in-monaco-tickets-348118761587






Photo credit: Isaac Benhesed on Unsplash