Cassandra Tanti

Cassandra Tanti is the Editor in Chief of Monaco Life. She is a qualified journalist and editor with 20 years’ experience in the digital, print, radio and television news industries.

Author’s Articles

Picasso’s grandson proudly presents ‘Pablo Picasso and Antiquity’ exhibition at the Prince’s Palace

For one month only, three rooms of the Prince’s Palace will house rare works of art by Pablo Picasso, revealing a little-known side to the great master of modern art.

Monaco and EU suspend negotiations for an Association Agreement

Monaco and the European Union have ended negotiations on an Association Agreement after the EU failed to accept Prince Albert’s “red line” that’s been drawn to protect the rights of...

New lung cancer vaccine created in France could be a game changer

A French biotechnology company has produced a vaccine that is effective in decreasing deaths in people with some lung cancers by 41%.

Monegasques invited to apply for new housing in Grand Ida quarter

Monaco’s housing department on Thursday put out a call for people of Monegasque nationality who are interested in renting state-owned apartments to make their applications online now.

Total Energies to cap price of fuel at €1.99 beyond 2023

Fuel giant Total Energies announced on Tuesday that it will continue to cap fuel prices at less than €2 per litre, beyond the end of 2023 and “as long as prices remain high”.

Monaco Supreme Court rejects Claude Palmero’s action against Prince Albert II

After being forced into early retirement over the so-called “Rock Files”, Claude Palmero’s attempt to have his dismissal reversed and compensation paid by the Palace has been rejected by...