Celina Lafuente de Lavotha

Celina Lafuente de Lavotha is the Features Journalist at Monaco Life. She has 10 years of writing experience and has established a professional career in international meeting planning. Born in Argentina, Celina is fluent in Spanish, English and French with ample knowledge of Italian.

Author’s Articles

Interview with Johnny Cecotto Jr.: From racing prodigy to serial entrepreneur

Johnny Cecotto Jr. has seamlessly transitioned from a record-breaking racing career to becoming a successful entrepreneur in Monaco. In this interview with Monaco Life, he explains how he channels...

Interview: Jenk, creator of the iconic ‘Candy’ art

French artist Jenk talks about her inspirations, her diverse use of materials and techniques, and the workshops she organises to bring her art closer to the people.

Interview: Stéphane Herpe, head of Wealth Management Monaco Markets CFM Indosuez

Monaco Life spoke to Stéphane about his reasons for moving with his family to the Principality, his passions, hobbies, and what made him join the Monaco Ambassadors Club.

Interview: SBM Group Executive Sommelier Patrice Frank 

As SBM Group Executive Sommelier, Patrice Frank is in charge of the Hôtel de Paris’ famed wine cellars, an incredibly unique cave of treasures that houses no less than 300,000 bottles of wine,...

Interview: Federica Nardoni Spinetta, founder of Monte-Carlo Fashion Week

With Monte-Carlo Fashion Week on the horizon, Monaco Life speaks to Founder Federica Nardoni Spinetta about her motivation in creating the fashion event, its successes and its future. 

Interview: Fire Artist Jean Boghossian

Monaco Life speaks to fire artist Jean Boghossian, whose latest exhibition ‘JB’, featuring a central artwork crafted from reworked Ferrari auto parts, promises to ignite the senses and redefine...