James Caan CBE

Acclaimed entrepreneur and television personality James Caan.

Author’s Articles

What keeps me up at night: Coronavirus and the difficult road ahead

Acclaimed entrepreneur James Caan CBE explores the long-lasting effects he believes the pandemic will have on the job market and the way the world functions economically.

Coronavirus: Four hallmarks of post-pandemic work

What will the world look like when we come out of this pandemic? One thing is for certain - our working environment is set to change beyond recognition, permanently.

Retaining the best talent for your business

Acclaimed entrepreneur James Caan CBE shares his thoughts on the retention of talent and how you can help your team navigate these challenging times.

Starting a business during the Covid-19 crisis

Acclaimed entrepreneur James Caan CBE reveals the three questions you should ask yourself before you part with your cash to start a business in the current climate.