The Prince’s Palace of Monaco reopens for public viewings

The Grand Apartments of the Prince’s Palace are once again open to the public for the busy tourist season, giving an intimate glimpse into the extravagant life of the Grimaldi’s throughout the centuries and the incredible story of the Palace frescoes restoration.

The Grand Apartments of the Palace of Monaco are a testament to the opulence and refinement of the Principality’s rulers throughout the centuries. From intricately adorned chambers to magnificent halls, each room tells a story of Monaco’s rich heritage and regal legacy.

Unlike many royal residences around the world, which remain closed to visitors or only open on rare occasions, the Palace of Monaco welcomes tourists every day from now until 13th October, allowing them to experience the grandeur of its interiors firsthand.

For as little as €10 per adult, and €5 per child, visitors can marvel at the splendid décor and exquisite furnishings that have graced these halls for generations. Adorned with ornate chandeliers, gilded mirrors, and priceless artworks, these rooms exude an air of majesty and sophistication.

The Grand Apartments of the Prince’s Palace have been frozen in time. Photo by Monaco Life

Visitors will also be able to see the exceptional Italian Renaissance frescoes that cover more than 600 sqm of the Palace.

Hidden from view, some for almost five centuries, the frescoes were quite unexpectedly awakened from their long slumber in 2015 during restoration works.

A restorer works to return the hidden 16th century frescoes to their former glory. Photo by Monaco Life

Under the patronage of Prince Albert II, the mammoth task to restore the 16th century frescoes unearthed in the Galerie d’Hercule and the Grand Apartments have propelled the Palace of Monaco into the realm of world art history. This is attributed not solely to the significance of the discoveries but also to the pioneering, and even innovative, adoption of a sustainable restoration methodology that respects the artworks and conserves resources.

The Grand Apartments reopened to the public on 26th March and will remain accessible until 13th October 2024.


Prince’s Palace reopens to reveal new hidden frescos under restoration

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Main photo by Monaco Life