Three important female figures from Monaco honoured at 2024 Women of Commitment Awards

Each year, Monaco’s National Council comes together to choose the laureates of the Women of Commitment awards, which recognise the work and efforts of local women for “their commitment and their exemplary careers in the service of general interest and for the benefit of associative and humanitarian causes”.  

This year’s edition, which was held on 4th March at the National Council’s headquarters, saw Annie Olivi, Patricia Husson and Anne Eastwood celebrated for their achievements and contributions to daily life in the Principality. 


Annie Olivi, who received her prize from the National Council’s president, Brigitte Boccone-Pagès, was fêted for her three decades of involvement as President of the Monegasque Association of the Physically Handicapped, an association whose mission is to improve the lives of the disabled and their loved ones. 

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The next award went to Patricia Husson, the chair of Mission Enfance, who has spent the past 15 years helping children from disadvantaged areas around the world get the emotional and educational support they need. Since its inception in 1991, the organisation has offered humanitarian aid to more than 1,700,000 children. Her award was presented by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco’s daughter, Camille Gottlieb, who is also the founder of the anti-drunk driving charity BE Safe Monaco. 

The Women of Commitments awards ceremony, which took place at the National Council headquarters on 4th March, was a well-attended affair. Photo credit: Frédéric Nebinger and Romain Fondacaro-Ginepro 

Then it was the turn of Princess Stéphanie to congratulate Anne Eastwood on her exceptional career in public service.  

The respected ambassador started her career at the National Council as Chargé de Mission for Legal Affairs before transitioning to a Chief of Staff role. Later, she moved to a position as the Director General of the Department of Social Affairs and Health and then headed up the High Commission for the Protection of Rights, Liberties and Mediation. She is now stretching her wings in the diplomatic corps as Ambassador of Monaco to Italy, Slovenia, San Marino and Malta.  

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At the close of the ceremony, Boccone-Pagès offered some inspiring words of advice to the next generation of young women in Monaco and further afied, saying, “Get involved in whatever field you choose. In your work, in politics, for your country, in your family life, for a cause, for a passion… I invite you to embrace your potential, nurture your passions and follow your convictions. Never underestimate the power of your commitment, because it is through our actions, one step at a time, that we shape our collective destiny.” 

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Photo credit: Frédéric Nebinger and Romain Fondacaro-Ginepro