Time to clear out the cupboards


Monacollecte, the first major waste collection campaign in Monaco, is being held later this month, providing an easy disposal solution for things like unused household items.

Everyone has at one time or another looked around at the clutter in their home and wondered, “What am I going to do with this?”

The people of Monaco now have a chance to find out with the first edition of Monacollecte. The “solidarity event” is sponsored by actor Samuel le Bihan and organised by the government, the Société Monégasque d’Assainissement (ASM), the Mairie and MC2D.

Residents are invited to drop off all unwanted items that are sitting around their homes and taking up space, as well as things that they don’t know what to do with and that cannot be disposed of in the usual bins, such as half empty tins of paint.

A number of charities, such as the Monaco Red Cross, Mission Enfance, Semeur d’Espoir, Interactions & Solidarity, Friends of Lebanon, the Nice Foundation and the Society for the Protection of Animlas, will be on hand to collect what can be used again. Items like clothing, books, small household appliances, toys, video games and computer equipment are welcome.

The remainder will be turned over to SMA’s treatment or recycling channels. The things they will dispose of properly include paint, gas cylinders, solvents, glass windows and doors, electronics and electrical waste.

As part of the event, free exhibitions and information stands will also be set up, explaining how certain things should be disposed of in a safe way.

Among the exhibitors is the Earthwake association, created by Samuel Le Bihan and former Director General of Action Against Hunger François Danel, who aim to find concrete solutions to stop millions of tonnes of plastic waste from flowing into the oceans each year, affecting health, climate and marine biodiversity.

The programme has some really interesting elements, including awareness-raising entertainment featuring virtual reality headsets teaching people the principles of sorting, a demonstration of aerial terminal collections for glass and recyclable household packaging recovery by SMA, electric tipper tower demos and drawings made by CE2 students which will be voted on by the public.

Additionally, all exhibitors will have stands for questions and information, and guests will be able to register to visit the SMA waste-to-energy plant or the PAPREC household packaging and paper sorting centre at the Prevention and Recycling Offices.

Monacollecte will be held on 25th and 26th February on the Port Hercule Esplanade or the Quai Albert Ier from 10am to 8pm. Entry is free.  


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