Which visitors to Monaco need to show a health pass?

From Saturday 24th July, health passes will be compulsory for foreigners wishing to enter Monaco’s restaurants and bars. But there are exceptions. We explain.
It was only a month ago that the Prince’s government announced a relaxing of Covid restrictions in light of the positive health situation in Monaco, opening up restaurants once again to foreign tourists provided they had a health pass, and allowing visitors from the Alpes-Maritimes and Liguria regions to dine pass-free.
But as circulation of the coronavirus picks up speed, fueled by the dominant and more contagious Delta variant, the government has been forced to put the break on some freedoms.
As of Saturday 24th July, only Monegasque citizens and residents, employees and school students will be able to enter restaurants and bars without the need to present a health pass.
Everyone else – including friends and family of Monaco residents, family of employees, and residents of the Alpes-Maritimes and  Imperia – must present a health pass to enter these establishments.
The only non-resident foreigners who don’t have to present a health pass to access a restaurant or bar are visitors staying in a hotel in the Principality or those onboard a boat docked at a Monaco port.
What will be checked?
There are four ‘certificates’ that will be accepted in Monaco. Establishments have been instructed to check for a QR code of the health pass in digital or paper format, a certificate in paper or electronic format indicating the result of a PCR or antigen test of less than 48 hours, a certificate in paper or electronic format indicating the vaccination status for Covid-19 of those who have yet to receive their QR code for technical reasons or who have performed their full vaccination in another country, or proof of recovery following contamination by the virus.
Proof of identity
The health pass or related documents do not have photos, therefore establishments have also been instructed by the Monaco government to ask for proof of identity.
Staff throughout the Principality will be using the Tous Anti Covid Vérif application to confirm health pass status.
Compulsory masks outdoors
While the outdoor mask rule only applied to tourist hotspots in Monaco, it will now be compulsory for everyone over the age of five in all public outdoor locations in the Principality.

Stricter Covid rules to come into play from Saturday

Photo by Monaco Life