Will Monaco endorse chloroquine?

The anti-malarial drug chloroquine can be administered in France to patients suffering from the severest forms of the coronavirus but only under strict supervision, France’s Health Minister Olivier Veran has said. The Prince’s Government has not indicated where it stands on the controversial treatment.
Some researchers have said chloroquine shows great promise as a treatment, though scientists have agreed that more trials are needed to determine if the drug is really effective and safe.
“The high council recommends not to use this treatment… with the exception of grave cases, hospitalised, on the basis of a decision taken by doctors and under strict surveillance,” Veran told reporters.
Monaco has been close behind France, particularly the Alpes Maritimes, with regards to its Covid-19 response, including the closure of schools and non-essential businesses and imposing a night curfew. It remains to be seen whether the Principality will take the same stance on chloroquine as its neighbour.
Meanwhile, there is now an online coronavirus advice site in France – but available to all – aimed at those who think they have symptoms. At the end of a series of questions, people are advised whether they likely have the virus and are given direction as to further action.