Your Monaco app: the useful tool for everyday living

Monaco Life tried out the Your Monaco app, a government-backed mobile application that could transform the day-to-day experience of residents and visitors to the Principality.  

Almost everyone today will have a catalogue of applications on their mobile phone. These apps help organise our lives, but having notifications pinging in from dozens of different sources can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. With one app for this and another for that, wouldn’t it be simpler if all that information came from one place? 

The Your Monaco app, launched on 5th December by Minister of State Pierre Dartout and its primary developer, Extended Monaco, could be the solution.  

What is Your Monaco? 

Free to download for all users and available in French, English and Italian, Your Monaco is the result of an extensive collaboration between all ministerial departments of the Monegasque government, the delegation in charge of the Principality’s digital transition, Extended Monaco, and countless private partners who have helped widen and deepen the scope of the app’s capabilities.

The app has been designed with the Monaco resident, commuter and visitor in mind, and centralises a raft of real-time information in an easy-to-use interface that is easily adapted to the needs of each user.  

What services does the app offer?  

Do you commute into Monaco for work and spend precious time hunting down a car parking space or stuck in traffic each morning? The app provides instantaneous information on the capacity of Monaco’s carparks and alerts the user to roadworks and traffic build-ups. Drivers of electric vehicles can check whether there is an available charging station near them too. The app also features up-to-date bus schedules and available Monabikes inside the Principality as well as train information from the surrounding region.  

A weather forecast is available as are other environmental factors, including air quality, pollution levels and the daily allergy risk. Getting the electricity forecast from grid manager SMEG is possible too.  

The app features a guide to each of Monaco’s quartiers, great for those less familiar with the Principality, and a directory of more than 1,000 unique places, from cultural addresses like museums and events spaces to restaurants, gardens and playparks. Handy information such as WiFi hotspots are also included on an interactive map. 

Other daily assistance comes in the form of opening hours for leisure sites – libraries, the pool, the cinema – and Monaco’s markets in the Condamine neighbourhood and on Avenue Saint Charles as well as a list of shops that are open on Sundays. Parents of school and nursery-age children can even check out canteen menus.  

On the sustainability side, residents can get advice on how to sort their household waste and organise their weekly shop with a neat function on seasonal fruit and vegetables.  

A news platform that mixes government-issued updates with local information and an events agenda complete the app’s offerings.  

Users’ favourite sections can be added to the app’s home screen, allowing access to all relevant information at the click of a finger.

How to download Your Monaco

Head to the App Store if you’re an Apple user or the Play Store for Android phones and search Your Monaco.  

For more information and the app’s FAQ, please click here.  



Photo source: Your Monaco