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Boutsen Aviation celebrates 400th aircraft sold

Boutsen Aviation celebrates 400th aircraft sold

By Cassandra Tanti - October 15, 2021

Monaco-based Boutsen Aviation has reached a significant milestone, sealing a symbolic deal marking the 400th aircraft sold to date – a stunning Dassault Falcon 7X.

Now off to France, this heavy jet is the 37th Falcon sold by Boutsen Aviation and the 17th Falcon 7X. “It’s especially pleasing that the 400th transaction is a Dassault tri-jet destined for a prestigious French client and its esteemed partners,” said Dominique Trinquet, President of Boutsen Aviation.

The majority of Boutsen Aviation’s 400 transactions have been carried out worldwide over the last few years, so this French sale marks a return to the roots for the company. The milestone is the result of 24 years of hard work, during which Boutsen Aviation has seen its reputation grow and its relationships with industry partners strengthen.

“It began with a dream in 1997 and we have so much to be thankful for as we celebrate our 400th aircraft sold today,” said Chairman and Founder Thierry Boutsen. “We owe a huge thanks to all our customers, partners and friends who have trusted us and helped make it possible for us to reach such a milestone. I would also like to thank every member of our team, their passion for performance is just exceptional. We are now highly anticipating when we will get to celebrate the next one!”

Only three years ago, the company celebrated its 350th aircraft sold, so it is testament to Boutsen Aviation for hitting this new milestone, especially during these uncertain times. The company says it has managed to overcome several downturns in 24 years of business thanks to the combined efforts of the whole team.

“We are proud of it, but it’s not a question of numbers, it’s about getting the most out of every transaction we have overseen for over 20 years,” said Mr. Trinquet. “Our primary role is to ensure that each transaction closes smoothly for the satisfaction of all parties. This requires a great deal of experience, a mastery of all the different aspects of a transaction, whether it is legal, technical, operational, compliance… and that’s not forgetting the human factors.

“This is what we have developed with the Boutsen Aviation team over the years. The experience we have acquired allows us to overcome each and every obstacle of a transaction (and there are many) so that at some point, as if by magic, a button is pressed to make a new owner happy as well as the seller.”



Interview: Flying high with Thierry Boutsen

Interview: Designer Daniela Boutsen



Photo of Dominique Trinquet and Thierry Boutsen provided. By Monaco Life with press release.




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