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Disappointing – but unsurprising – first quarter of 2020

The overall economic performance of Monaco was down significantly in the first quarter of this year as the Principality grappled with the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. The only sectors to buck the...

Wholesale Trade numbers top €4.5 billion

The wholesale trade sector achieved an astonishing turnover of more than €4.5 billion in the Principality in 2019, according to the latest report from IMSEE.

Government extends financial aid 

The Prince's Government has taken new steps to support businesses in Monaco affected by the Covid-19 crisis and to help save jobs.

Sustainable investing: the future we prepared for is now

In 2020, sustainable investing is a hotter than ever topic and it’s clear that finance professionals can no longer allow themselves to ignore ESG issues in their investment analysis and decisions.

Interview: Brandi DeCarli, co-founder of Farm from a Box

With her fleet of decked out shipping containers, Brandi DeCarli is revolutionising local food production, helping communities to grow their own food with clean technology.

Low business sentiment in April

It's been revealed in a not-so-shocking report that Monaco suffered with a massive downturn in business sentiment in April of this year due to the closure of “non-essential” businesses brought on...