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Amazon extends warehouse closures

Amazon announced Monday that they would keep distribution centre doors shut until 5th May after a judge in France rejected their appeal restricting deliveries during the Covid epidemic.

Government outlines plan to de-escalate lockdown

Health Minister Didier Gamerdinger has revealed more details of the government’s plan for returning life back to “normal” after confinement, including the availability of cheap masks for...

Government deficit means belt tightening in 2020

The vote by the National Council on Wednesday night to amend the 2020 budget includes the “exceptional and historic” step of implementing a deficit - something not seen in the Principality since...

Interview: Dr. Kostadin Yanev, creator of Activ5

While the crisis has been catastrophic for the physical fitness industry, it has provided the digital fitness industry with fertile ground to penetrate the market and establish itself as a long-term...

New Trade Figures show weak forecasts

A new report by IMSEE shows trade figures declined in 2019, and experts warn that the current forecasts are likely to see much steeper drops for 2020 than previously predicted.

The €500 million cost of Covid-19

Here is a breakdown of what Monaco’s exceptional 2020 budget looks like and where the €500 million in crisis money is going.