Latest news

Monaco Telecom confirmed for customer security

Monaco Telecom has just received ISO 27001 certification for the hosting of customers in its Data Centre, a further step in promoting the digital attractiveness of the Principality.

Free laptops part of Digital Transition plan

The Principality has taken a huge step towards the digitalisation of schools, offering over 1,200 laptops to be used by students and incorporated in to new learning strategies for teachers.

Carlo app offering QR code contactless payment

Local start-up Carlo, the app that rewards customers each time they use it at participating shops, has gone the extra mile and is now offering contactless payment using QR code technology.

New momentum in fight against Covid

Prince Albert has just inaugurated a new laboratory at the Monaco Scientific Centre designed to significantly increase PCR testing capabilities in the Principality.

Monaco backs nuclear technologies

Monaco has reaffirmed its support for the peaceful use of nuclear technologies, particularly for cancer treatment and other medical equipment.

'Galaxy of Happiness' at MYS 2021

Anticipation is already building for the next MYS with news that the first ever Lithium Sulfur battery-powered luxury boat will be presented to the world.