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Brighter, faster and more powerful

The Principality now has a new, easily identifiable way to locate electric vehicle recharging stations, introducing bright yellow ‘Monaco On’ recharging points.

Prince: Digital is the turning point in Monaco’s history

The Prince’s government is investing a further €15 million into Monaco’s Digital Transition, which includes everything from the country’s own Sovereign Cloud to digital IDs for citizens.

Monaco’s space pioneers welcomed at Palace

It’s been a big month for Orbital Solutions Monaco. Just weeks after successfully launching their nano-satellite into space, Prince Albert II invited the team to join him at the Palace.

Monaco-built satellite launched into space

A series of events had prevented the launch of the Vega rocket carrying a nanosatellite built in the Principality three times this year, however it was fourth time lucky this week. 

Is this €280,000 TV the future of home entertainment?

The Wall by Samsung is a jaw-dropping modular MicroLED television that is set to change the future of home entertainment. Well, at least for those who can afford it.

Digitising Monaco

Three new digital tools are now available for Monaco users - the Your Monaco website, the Urban Report and Waze applications for smartphones and tablets.