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Extended Monaco progress report

It's been less than nine months since the Prince’s government unveiled the Extended Monaco programme, yet the initiatives that have been implemented in that time are nothing short of impressive.

The Sovereign Prince visits Google HQ

HSH Prince Albert II and a delegation from the Principality visited executives from Google in Mountain View, California on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of collaborative projects protecting the...

Interview: Georges Gambarini, Smart City Program Manager

Georges Gambarini talks about what it means to be a Smart City, why we need 5G, and the exciting new technology that is set to roll out in 2020.

Real estate and digital to mark 2020: Serge Telle

In his annual address to the press, Minister of State Serge Telle has outlined a number of subjects that are set to make headlines in 2020, including two new real estate projects and digital...

Department of Labour expands e-services

The Monegasque Department of Labour is taking its commitment to the Extended Monaco programme to the next level with a restructured system for employees and job seekers.

Government outlines main objectives of 2020

Minister of State Serge Telle has revealed that an unprecedented amount of the government’s budget will be put toward the digital transition of the Principality in a speech to government officials...