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Monaco’s new digital ID explained

Digital ID cards are now available in Monaco and can be used for a number of things including international travel. Here’s everything you need to know about this latest innovation.

"Smart Mobility has moved much faster than we anticipated"

We speak to the Co-Founder and Chairman of EcoMotion Week Meir Arnon about Smart Mobility, the surprising rapid advancement of driverless vehicles, and the future of flying cars.

Revealed: the RaceBird final design

We speak to the visionaries behind this revolutionary new electric powerboat called the RaceBird and its personalised racing series that is set to hit the coast of Monaco.

Venturi to launch world’s first zero emissions polar explorer

Prince Albert has been gifted with the prototype of Venturi’s polar exploration vehicle that he test drove in Antarctica, ahead of its official unveiling on World Environment Day.

Students, businesses to benefit from new initiative

A new website has been launched in the Principality connecting employers and students for work-study positions.

What the next 20 years with Monaco Telecom looks like

Monaco Telecom's telecommunications concession has been renewed for another 20 years in a show of trust that the company will continue to deliver top-notch service.