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New digital fitness ground is free for all

Two new digitalised sporting and training grounds have been unveiled in Monaco, providing free, easy to use exercise facilities for all ages in the Principality.

Monaco meets with cancer research agency

Monaco is exploring ways to team up with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which would facilitate cancer prevention in the Principality.  

Major step in green tech fund creation

Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. and Innovator Capital Limited have signed a Cooperation Agreement, marking the next step in the process of setting up their joint venture. The JV, with...

Monaco explores eco-real estate tech system

Monaco will benefit from a ‘Real Estate Tech Innovation Program’ that is being developed in partnership with the ESCP Europe Business School in Paris. Prince Albert discussed the research program...

Digital health records soon available in Principality

Patients in Monaco will soon benefit from having their medical history stored in e-health records. EHRs, as they are otherwise known, are real-time, patient-centered records that make information...

Hybrid cloud to fastrack digital transition

The government has announced plans to work with Amazon Web Services to create a hybrid cloud for the Principality, signalling a major step in Monaco’s digital transition and its efforts to build...