Georges Marsan returns as mayor amid corruption charges

Three months after being indicted on corruption and influence peddling charges, Monaco’s long-running Mayor Georges Marsan has returned to office.

On Monday 8th April, the Mairie released a press statement, simply stating, “It is in thanking the Deputy Mayor, the members of the Municipal Council and all the staff that Mayor Georges Marsan returned to the Town Hall today.”

On 14th December 2023, Monaco’s six-time mayor, Georges Marsan, was indicted for “active corruption against a national public official, passive corruption by a national public official, active and passive influence peddling, illegal taking of interest by a national public official and criminal conspiracy”. 

He was ordered to stay away from municipal headquarters, and Camille Svara stepped in as mayor on 3rd January for “an indefinite period”. 

Late Monday, the Monaco Prosecutor’s Office also released a statement, revealing that the judicial order preventing Marsan from contacting Mairie staff had been lifted, however the 67-year-old Monegasque politician continued to face the charges against him.

“Georges Marsan remains charged and subject to judicial supervision which notably prohibits him from entering into contact with various people, including traders at the Condamine market and the Halle de Monaco, places that he is prohibited from frequenting,” read the statement. “The public prosecutor’s office recalls that Mr. Marsan is still presumed innocent.”

Georges Marsan has always maintained his innocence, saying through his legal advisor at the time Thomas Brezzo – who has since been elected National Council President – “My actions have always been for the benefit of [Monaco’s] citizens, and have always been motivated by the general interest and standing of the Principality of Monaco… I believe I am being subjected to abusive measures and real harassment. I confirm: I have never taken advantage of my position. I cannot wait for my innocence to be proven.” 

A more detailed response by Mayor Georges Marsan is expected when he holds a press conference on Tuesday 16th April at the Town Hall.  


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Photo source: Mairie de Monaco