Hollywood rallies behind Prince Albert

Academy Award nominated actress Uma Thurman will be presenting HSH Prince Albert with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Hollywood for the Global Ocean Gala in February, recognising his leadership and commitment to the planet and ocean conservation. 
The gala, to be held on Thursday 6th February, is being hosted by philanthropist Milutin Gatsby and supported by Chopard, who designed and crafted the exclusive Lifetime Achievement Award.
Uma Therman, who is also a dedicated conservationist and civil rights activist, said she was honoured to be presenting Prince Albert with the award. “I’m delighted to be part of the ongoing projects associated with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation in helping to take necessary action on climate change and the protection of our planet,” she said.
Meanwhile, Golden Globe winning actress and Hollywood icon Sharon Stone will present and announce the ‘Grand Earth Pledge’, an exclusive group of 33 ‘Advocates for the Planet’ ready to join forces with Prince Albert to face climate and ocean emergency, prevent the earth’s decline and preserve the future of humanity.
“There is a climate emergency, the earth is in decline and the fate of humanity is at stake,” said Sharron Stone. “We need to face this reality and decide to act now. I am delighted to be part of the Grand Earth Pledge, a group of amazing people that are taking the lead along HSH Prince Albert, to make a stand for our one and only planet.”
Chris Isaak and Macy Gray will perform at the exclusive gala dinner, hosted at a private estate in Beverly Hills for 250 privileged philanthropists and A-list celebrities.
“At a time of increasing natural disasters and climate threats impacting the delicate balance of our planet and the oceans of the world, this gala and its special award and pledge recognises the importance of shining a spotlight and taking action on these urgent issues,” said Milutin Gatsby.
Vice President of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Olivier Wenden will also be present at the awards, which will acknowledge the Prince’s “outstanding commitment to the planet, its rich biodiversity and its fragile eco-system”. Through his foundation, launched in 2006, more than 575 projects have been supported to date. The projects target three main geographical regions: the Mediterranean basin, the Polar regions and the least developed countries, all of which are heavily impacted by the effects of climate change, the loss of biodiversity and urgent threats to their water resources.
Notable achievements by the foundation include saving the Bluefin tuna species from extinction, encouraging the effective development of Marine Protected Areas, fighting plastic pollution in the Mediterranean and convincing the IPCC to produce a special report on the impact of climate change on the ocean and cryosphere.
Prince Albert is one of the world’s leading advocates for the planet, succeeding in gathering philanthropists and international artists to save the ocean during The Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, the next edition of which will take place on Thursday 24th September 2020 in Monaco.
Photo: Prince Albert II of Monaco ©Agency Sabine Brauer Photos J.Reetz
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