Monaco's own manga powers ahead

The third volume in the Blitz series, the first and only manga produced in Monaco, is hitting stands this Friday.
Created by Monaco-based Shibuya Productions, Blitz entered the exclusive manga realm in 2020, combining the clever world of chess with the phenomenon of Japanese story telling.
Backed by the greatest chess player in history, Garry Kasparov, volume one has sold almost all of the 10,000 copies printed in France – a rare recognition for a new manga series created outside Japan. This edition is now back in print and volume two is barely four months old.
On Friday 26th February, volume three will hit the stands, and Cédric Biscay, Daitaro Nishihara and Tsukasa Mori have promised some exciting new additions.
In this new opus, chess games are redoubled in intensity. The reader finds themself transposed on a real battlefield where each player makes move for move. The heroes are confronted with strong personalities which challenge their nerves and their concentration.
Monaco’s famous landmark, the Monte-Carlo Casino, makes an appearance and readers are drawn into the Zen method of meditation by the great Japanese master Sosho Yamada, which will be very useful to the Blitze heroes during their adventures.
Meanwhile, new text by intuition specialist Alexis Champion gives the keys to better understand the phenomena present in the manga and which often occur in the real world.
“Blitz always aims to democratise chess by offering ambitious entertainment for everybody. Volume three is a new step in this direction,” said Cédric Biscay, founder of Shibuya Productions.
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