New restaurant Conscientiae, in the former Stars ‘n’ Bars premises, to make its debut in Monaco this Friday

Conscientiae, the new project by Didier Rubiolo in the former Stars ‘n’ Bars restaurant, is ready to open its doors on the port with a “menu for the planet” and a space that will host activities promoting wellness and sustainability.

The public was undeniably saddened when Monaco’s iconic American sports bar/restaurant Stars ‘n’ Bars closed its doors earlier this year after 30 years of service to the community. But co-founder Didier Rubiolo promised that he would return with a new concept that truly embraced his and the late Kate Powers’ passion to preserve the planet.

Now, exactly six months after the closure of the premises on Quai Antoine 1er, Conscientiae is emerging as a “celebration of unity between people, nature and culture”.

What’s in a name?

The name originates from the Latin words “con”’ (with) and “scientia’ (knowledge) – “a state of profound understanding of self and what is right and wrong, to engage with the world through joint knowledge”, say its creators.

The enormous 1,800sqm space has been designed to immerse guests in nature’s bounty, crafting a tranquil sanctuary where the generous use of greenery and soil diffuses nature’s healing power. More than a restaurant, the aim is for Conscientiae to be a thought-provoking platform where entrepreneurs, investors and tastemakers are brought together to “defy the status quo by leading positive changes”.

The project has the backing of Prince Albert II of Monaco, a childhood friend of Kate Powers. She, along with husband Didier Rubiolo, was an eco-conscious visionary who revolutionised Monaco’s dining experience for more than 30 years.

According to its creators, Conscientiae represents the “natural expansion of Stars ‘n’ Bars’ vision of making a real difference for the wellbeing of Monaco and the planet”.

A menu for the planet

In this new restaurant, classically-trained chef Didier Rubiolo returned to the kitchen to explore new options for a sustainable menu.

“What and how we eat today is the direct cause of more than a third of the carbon emissions that lead to climate change. This is the ultimate threat when it comes to the safety and availability of the food we bring to our tables every day. We feel morally obliged to provide viable alternatives before it is too late,” he says. “Conscientiae wants to encourage people to improve their eating habits by creating a brand new menu inspired by world cuisines and based on fresh and sustainable ingredients ethically-sourced from local suppliers. Living conscientiously has never been more delicious.”

Conscientiae will launch on Friday 28th July and be open seven days a week, with lunch from 12pm until 3pm, and dinner starting at 7pm. In addition to its restaurant area on the ground floor, Conscientiae will host activities promoting wellness and sustainability, hoping to “soon become a community institution for the incubation of innovative ideas”.

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