Princess Stéphanie boosts morale at testing centre

Princess Stéphanie is the latest high-profile Monegasque to visit a Covid-19 screening centre to show her support for the people behind Monaco’s mass testing programme.
Princess Stéphanie visited the volunteers of the Léo Férré screening centre on Wednesday, paying particular attention to her team of volunteers from Fight Aids Monaco. The group has been mobilised alongside the Monaco Red Cross for more than two weeks, taking blood samples as part of a country-wide Covid-19 screening campaign.
The Princess was welcomed by Health Minister Didier Gamerdinger and other elected officials, as well as Frédéric Platini, Secretary of the Monaco Red Cross.

Saturday 30th May marks the final day of phase one of the campaign, during which the government is hoping to have achieved widespread testing among the population of over 38,500 people.
The Principality’s employees will be the focus of the second round, as well as those individuals who were not able to get tested during phase one.
Photos: Copyright Nébinger / Vitali
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Photos: Copyright Nébinger / Vitali