Monaco Council raises pool entry price for non residents to “reduce overcrowding”

Prices at the Stade Nautique Rainier III swimming pool in Monaco’s Port Hercule have risen significantly by 60% for non-residents, angering workers and those from the surrounding region.  

Not long after Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan was re-elected in March, the municipal council set to work on several price increases at public facilities around the Principality. One was a 60% hike for non-residents at the Stade Nautique Rainer III swimming pool, a popular spot for locals and those from neighbouring villages.  

The admission price went from €7.50 to €12 per session for adults. Many of those who do not live in Monaco, but work or once worked in the Principality, and regularly use the facilities are more than a little put out.  

The townhall has justified the act by saying that energy costs are high and the cost of running such a facility has also increased, but also because the swimming pool gets overly crowded in the high season, making for a less-than-pleasant experience for locals.  

More than 51,000 sessions each season

“Each year, the swimming pool is a great success with more than 51,000 entries from April to October, forcing the staff to stop access on certain days,” said Marsan. “This year, the municipal council has therefore decided to revise the rates upwards for people from outside the Principality in order to favour the Monegasque population, some of whom deplored this overcrowding.”  

Fuel has been added to the fire by a decision to lower the entry fee for over 60s and residents.  

One upset user from Beausoleil told Monaco Matin, “I am very unhappy. For my part, on a day off, I spend the whole day here with my children to enjoy this pleasant swimming pool… It’s lamentable and it sends a bad image. It’s a meaningless decision. 20% more and a local worker rate would have been wiser.”  

Cheaper alternatives in neighbouring towns and cities

Fortunately, there are alternatives. There are lovely facilities in nearby communes, whose entry fees may be more favourable to those not willing or able to pay Monaco prices.  

Menton’s pool has a €3.50 fee for adults and €3 for children 10 to 17, and only €1 for kids three to 10. Younger than that and they enter for free.  

In La Turbie, the price is €5 for adults and €2.50 for children.  

The pool in Roquebrune Cap Martin, the Bains du Cap, has priced entry at €7.50 for adults not residing in the town, and €6 for residents. For resident children aged 3 to 12, the entrance ticket is €5, and €6.50 for non-residents. 

In Nice, depending on the sites, admission to local swimming pools for adults and children is between €3 and €10.10.  


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Photo by Monaco Life

May 1st strikes: travel to be heavily disrupted

bank holiday strike

Trouble is brewing for travellers trying to get away, or around, for the May 1st long weekend as the pension reform strikes peak on France’s Fête du Travail. 

The 1st May is France’s Labour Day, and strikes are a traditional mainstay for the country’s workers.

But as unions across France have been in an ongoing battle against an increase in the legal retirement age from 62 to 64, the May Day protests are set to be even more pronounced.


A third of flights are expected to be cancelled from Orly, Marseille and Lyon during the May Day long weekend. In Nice, and in Roissy, a quarter of flights are likely to be cancelled by the civil aviation authorities.  

The air traffic controllers union, USAC CGT, has filed an official strike notice for 1st May, and the SNPNC-FO union, which represents air hosts and hostesses at low-cost carrier Vueling in France, is likely to follow suit, with the further dates of 6th, 7th and 8th May flagged for additional strikes.  

Though airlines usually contact customers directly if flights are affected, it is also recommended that passengers check for themselves before setting out to the airport this weekend. 


Train travel will also take a hit on 1st May, though details are not yet available. A press release from the SNCF union, however, points to “major May Day strikes and demonstrations”.  

Notices will likely be released on the weekend with the schedule alerting passengers to which lines will be interrupted.  


In the Alpes-Maritimes, the Lignes d’Azur will be stopping all trams and buses on Monday 1st May, together with the Mobil’Azur service, Parcazur, commercial agencies and the customer relations centre.

General strikers are also being asked to gather at the Jardin Albert I in Nice at 10.30am on 1st May.  


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Photo source: Caudron Laurie Flore for Unsplash

How to get Monaco residency: a simple guide

monaco residency

Anyone over the age of 16 who lives in Monaco more than three months each year is required to apply for residency. Check out this simple guide to see how it’s done.  

Being an expat is a wonderful thing, but it does come with its fair share of paperwork. One of the first hurdles most newcomers face when moving to Monaco is the need to become an official resident.  


Firstly, let’s make clear who needs to provide what. If an applicant is from the European Economic Area or is a third country national – a status that includes nationals from places such as San Marino, Vatican City and Gibraltar – it is not necessary to supply any documents, as these people are able to freely live and work in the Principality.  

For the rest of the world, those wanting to obtain a Carte de Séjour will first need to get a long-stay visa through the French Consulate nearest to their usual place of residence.  

Foreign nationals who already have a place to live in the Principality can go directly to the Ministry of the Interior and ask to apply directly to the French Embassy in Monaco. Proof of address will be requested. This can be anything from a rental contract, a current electricity bill in the applicant’s name or a notarised property deed, though other documents may be accepted.  

If a person has legally lived in France for over a year, they can apply for a transfer of residency by going to the French Embassy in Monaco. In any case, a long-stay visa is required to apply for a residency permit.  

The fee for a first-time applicant is €80 and it is valid for one year. After three years, a three-year permit will be issued. The cost of this is €100. After 10 consecutive years of proven full-time residency, a card valid for 10 years can be issued at a cost of €160.  


Monaco is happy to welcome anyone, but the Principality likes to make sure that those who are moving here can support themselves properly.

That being said, there are several ways to meet these requirements. They include: setting up or being the manager or director of a company in Monaco and the surrounding area, being employed or self-employed in the Principality, having regular pension payments if a retiree, and proof of being financially supported by a relative, spouse, partner or friend.

For any other situation, a reference from a Monegasque bank or a financial institution confirming sufficient funds will also do the trick.  


Of course, there is also a list of personal documents that need to be provided, such as a valid passport including the long-stay visa, a birth certificate and a criminal record check issued by the last two countries where the applicant resided in the last five years (if there have been multiple international addresses).  

Additionally, if the person requesting residency is married, a marriage certificate will be asked for, and those who are divorced or separated must provide legal decrees. Students will also be asked for proof of their status. Parents or guardians of children under 16 will need a passport and proof of schooling for those in their care.  

Finally, the government asks that each applicant sign a sworn declaration that all information given is true and that there is no reason why the applicant should not be granted permission to reside in the Principality.  

Once all the documents are collected, the application can be submitted online or via post, though the online versions tend to get attention faster. After the application is approved, a time is set up from the Residency Department to pick up the card. Et voilà, Monaco residency obtained! 

For more information on specifics, for online forms and to reach the link for submissions, visit the designated website in English here


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Photo source: Marc Vael for Unsplash

Monaco hosts inaugural Heart Day with support of Princess Stephanie

Under the Honorary Presidency of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, the Femmes leaders Mondiales Monaco has organised the first day dedicated to heart disease, something that kills one in two women globally.

The event Journeé du Coeur, spearheaded by association President Chantal Ravera, was held on 25th April at the Princess Grace Theatre, with Monaco’s Minister of Social Affairs and Health Doctor Christophe Robino opening discussions.

The aim: to raise public awareness of the challenges of preventing cardiovascular disease and to propose concrete solutions to protect the heart health of the population.

The day was marked by the participation of medical specialists from Monaco, by conferences and debates with Professor Atul Pathak, Doctor Armand Eker, Doctor Patrick Rossignol, Professor Ramzi Ashoush from Lebanon, and Professor Martine Gilard from the University Hospital of Brest, who all shared their expertise and experiences with the general public.

Their participation allowed the sharing of knowledge as well as discussion on the innovative solutions that are available to protect the population from heart disease.

President Chantal Ravera stressed the importance of prevention in the fight against heart disease and the absolute necessity to consult a cardiologist. She reminded participants that one in two women worldwide die of cardiovascular disease.

The free public event gave participants an opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Workshops were also offered to raise awareness on good practices to adopt to maintain a healthy heart.

“The first edition was a great success, and will serve as a milestone for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the Principality of Monaco,” said Chantal Ravera.

Photo provided. 


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Eileen Gray’s E-1027 villa the backdrop of new Louis Vuitton campaign

American actress and singer Zendaya has become the new face of Louis Vuitton, with her first shoot held at Eileen Gray’s famous architectural gem, E-1027, in Roquebrune Cap Martin.  

Rumours that Zendaya was about to become Louis Vuitton’s newest brand ambassador had been swirling since a show held in Paris in March, but now it’s official.

The actress was confirmed to be the latest in a roster of stars to represent the high-end fashion house after a campaign shot at E-1027 in Roquebrune Cap Martin, which was designed by trailblazing Irish architect Eileen Gray between 1926 and 1929, was released on 21st April.  


The campaign features Zendaya with the brand’s bestselling Capucines handbag that launched in 2013. According to the company, “Personifying the dreamy energy of the Côte d’Azur, the new House Ambassador brings a playful vibrancy to the Capucines campaign, exuding a bold, feminine allure emblematic of the Maison’s signature collection.”

The photographs were the taken by Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott, and feature Zendaya in monochromatic black and white outfits posing with the handbags in a variety of glorious colours. The styling was done by fashion icon Law Roach, who just last month announced his retirement from the business. 

“It’s a dream”

In a Behind the Scenes video published by Louis Vuitton, the actress describes how she felt about the iconic villa, that has recently undergone a complete renovation.

“The Cap Moderne is just stunning and absolutely beautiful to look at. When you shoot in places that are cinematic and beautiful and have their own character and interest and history, it’s really special,” says the 26-year-old. “I think every time you look at it, you find something new. And then when the light is coming in, it creates all these beautiful shadows and shapes on the wall. It’s a dream, because it makes the picture that much more interesting.”

Zendaya has been in the spotlight for a vast portion of her life. She started her career as a child model, went onto Disney and then made the leap to films, where she debuted in The Greatest Showman. Additionally, she became the youngest ever recipient of a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actress for her role as a drug-addicted teen in the HBO series Euphoria.   



Eileen Gray villa restoration earns EU Heritage Prize


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Photo: screenshot taken from Louis Vuitton video



Captain’Game: the orienteering course around the Fontvieille port

fontvieille game

Did you know that only 50 years ago, Fontvieille was a narrow strip of land where the cliffs of the Rocher met the sea? Discover the biodiversity and history of the area with this fun family activity: Captain’Game. 

Fontvieille is an interesting part of the Monaco landscape. It’s tied to the economic development of the Principality, but is also a fascinating geological site will lots of secrets to share.  

Captain’Game leads participants on a 2.5 kilometre route around the port, ticking off 10 important milestones made of recycled plastic as you pass. Each has a fact to share: simply read the question and punch in your guess to discover the answer.  

The trail will teach you everything from the function of Monaco’s many biohuts to information about protected marine reserves, its history of land reclamation, the coralligenous rocks of the famous Rocher and the fish that live in the area.  

The Captain’Game is a joint project between the Maritime Affairs Department, the Environmental Department, the Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco and Ecocéan. It will run until 2027, giving you plenty to time to try it out and better your score each time.  

For more information on how to play, please click here


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Photo source: Anthony Delanoix for Unsplash