Prince Albert and Princess Charlene tour new children’s mental health facility

Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene have officially toured a new joint venture in Beausoleil that provides specialised care and support for children’s mental health needs.

During the recent visit, Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco, along with several dignitaries including Christophe Robino, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, and Gérard Spinelli, Mayor of Beausoleil, inaugurated the Franco-Monegasque Day Care Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Beausoleil.

The initiative aims to create a safe and therapeutic environment where children can receive tailored care and support from experts, underscoring the commitment to working alongside families to address the needs of children requiring specialised care.

According to Statista, in 2020, over 204,900 people were treated for childhood-onset psychiatric disorders in France, with 117,900 patients, the highest prevalence for such disorders, found within the age group 0 to 14-years-old.

The 650 m² facility, located at 46 Avenue du Professeur Langevin, has undergone extensive renovations to provide comprehensive outpatient day care for children and adolescents suffering from severe autism spectrum, developmental, and personality disorders, up to the age of 18.

During the visit, the Princely couple had the opportunity to meet with the centre’s staff and learn about its operations. The facility offers multidisciplinary care aimed at providing a comprehensive assessment of each child’s needs.

With a capacity of 35 places, including 17 reserved for children from Monaco, the centre will cater to children residing or attending school in the Principality who have been referred by a child psychiatrist from the Centre Plati de Monaco.

Christophe Robino highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Prince’s Government, the French Republic, the Municipality of Beausoleil, and the Lenval Foundation in establishing the day hospital, emphasising the commitment to the well-being and development of each child. “The aim is to work alongside families to offer holistic and sustainable local support to these children who need it,” said Robino.


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Photo source: Palais Princier

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco reopens for public viewings

The Grand Apartments of the Prince’s Palace are once again open to the public for the busy tourist season, giving an intimate glimpse into the extravagant life of the Grimaldi’s throughout the centuries and the incredible story of the Palace frescoes restoration.

The Grand Apartments of the Palace of Monaco are a testament to the opulence and refinement of the Principality’s rulers throughout the centuries. From intricately adorned chambers to magnificent halls, each room tells a story of Monaco’s rich heritage and regal legacy.

Unlike many royal residences around the world, which remain closed to visitors or only open on rare occasions, the Palace of Monaco welcomes tourists every day from now until 13th October, allowing them to experience the grandeur of its interiors firsthand.

For as little as €10 per adult, and €5 per child, visitors can marvel at the splendid décor and exquisite furnishings that have graced these halls for generations. Adorned with ornate chandeliers, gilded mirrors, and priceless artworks, these rooms exude an air of majesty and sophistication.

The Grand Apartments of the Prince’s Palace have been frozen in time. Photo by Monaco Life

Visitors will also be able to see the exceptional Italian Renaissance frescoes that cover more than 600 sqm of the Palace.

Hidden from view, some for almost five centuries, the frescoes were quite unexpectedly awakened from their long slumber in 2015 during restoration works.

A restorer works to return the hidden 16th century frescoes to their former glory. Photo by Monaco Life

Under the patronage of Prince Albert II, the mammoth task to restore the 16th century frescoes unearthed in the Galerie d’Hercule and the Grand Apartments have propelled the Palace of Monaco into the realm of world art history. This is attributed not solely to the significance of the discoveries but also to the pioneering, and even innovative, adoption of a sustainable restoration methodology that respects the artworks and conserves resources.

The Grand Apartments reopened to the public on 26th March and will remain accessible until 13th October 2024.


Prince’s Palace reopens to reveal new hidden frescos under restoration

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Main photo by Monaco Life

Greek mythology and A Midsummer Night’s Dream inspire spring programme at Académie Rainier III

Académie Rainier III

Drawing inspiration from works such as Henry Purcell’s The Fairy Queen and William Skapespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as well as the vast anthology of classical Greek myths, the Académie Rainier III has unveiled a spell-binding programme of the events for the next three months. Here are some of the highlights.

Starting on Friday 5th April at 8pm, the Academy’s students will be showcasing their talents at the Théâtre des Variétés through a series of musical and choral performances inspired by Henry Purcell’s The Fairy Queen and William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The harp class, led by Frédérique Camberling, will be opening the event.

On Wednesday 15th May at 6pm, the Children’s Choir will be taking to the stage at the Auditorium Rainier III to present a musical narrative based on Greek mythology. The story of Pysche, created by Julien Joubert, will explore the themes of love and transformation.

The traditional Gala de l’Académie Rainier III is scheduled for Wednesday 12th June at 8pm at the Auditorium Rainier III. It will feature performances by advanced students, who will be accompanied by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Then, the school’s theatre students will be presenting their end-of-cycle examination pieces at the Théâtre Princesse Grace on Wednesday 19th June at 7pm.

The season will conclude at the Fort Antoine on Friday 28th June at 8pm, with a jazz and contemporary fusion performance entitled From Aerophonics to Big Band Jazz.

All events are free of charge, but prior registration is required.

Click here for more information.

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Prospective students invited to upcoming open day at the Académie Rainier III


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Photo credit: Mairie de Monaco

Monaco Impis to defend Melrose Sevens Rugby title in Scotland

The Monaco Impis are out to prove that their 2023 Melrose Sevens Cup win was more than just beginner’s luck as they head to Scotland to defend their title.  

At the end of next week, Monaco’s Rugby Sevens team, the Impis, will be travelling to The Greenyards for the annual Melrose Sevens tournament that is scheduled to take place between 11th to 13th April. 

After their stunning inaugural performance at last year’s event, where they were crowned winners, and their more recent win at the 2023 Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, the Impis will be looking to replicate their success again at this intensive tournament once again.   

See more: Photos: Prince Albert celebrates as Monaco Impis are crowned victors of the Dubai Sevens

A single defeat means elimination at the Melrose Sevens and the Impis will have to be on top form to repeat their 2023 win. 

They will be supported at the event by General Secretary Gareth Wittstock, who recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming tournament with 

“The Impis name stands for resilience, courage and strength through adversity,” said Wittstock. “We were proud to showcase that last year and to be rewarded with such a meaningful trophy. We are extremely delighted to come back to Scotland in 2024. We know that we will be the team to beat, and that the trophy will be even harder to win now, but rest assured of one thing: we will defend our title with honour and determination.” 


The team is a true melting pot, made up of two players from AS Monaco Rugby, Augustin Slowik and Loic Legal, along with three players from the Monegasque national team, Dorian Danthez, Tristan Nardi and Hugo Bartnik. The side is then completed by players from France, South Africa, Scotland and Jamaica.  

Prior to the start of the tournament, which is the world’s oldest Sevens event, having been founded in 1883, the Impis team and their support staff will take part in a series of anti-drowning workshops organised in conjunction with the Princess Charlene Foundation. The Impis famously sport the colours of the Princess’ foundation on their kit. 


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Photo source: Monaco Impis

Interview: Honduras Minister Emmanuel Zuñiga Garcia, in charge of Business Affairs for Monaco

Emmanuel Zuñiga Garcia

Monaco Life speaks to Emmanuel Zuñiga Garcia to learn more about his diplomatic ambitions and the Honduras Embassy’s close cooperation with the Ibero-American Association of Monaco (AMI) in organising their upcoming fundraiser, a Gastronomy Gala, at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

The AMI, presided over by Sheramin Beauseigneur, works with governments, businesses and reputable personalities to build bridges between Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Monaco, and on 16th May, the association will be hosting a gastronomic gala honouring the Republic of Honduras at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

This event is being organised under the patronage of the Embassy of Honduras in Paris and by a team led by Minister Emmanuel Zuñiga Garcia, Honduras’ representatives in Monaco, and the Monaco Department of National Education.

At the event, the skilled students of the Monaco Technical and Hospitality School will have the chance to work alongside four renowned chefs from Honduras: Javier Kee Ham Hernandez, Carlos Alberto Espinal, Jose Luis Escalante Oliva and Israel Navarro, as well as the experienced barman Augusto Roberto Santos Gonzalez. Together, they will prepare an elaborate gourmet dinner for the privileged guests of the Gastronomy Gala.

Through ancestral flavours, the AMI and Emmanuel Zuñiga Garcia aim to promote understanding, respect and appreciation for Honduras’s gastronomy and cultural heritage, foster international interaction and cooperation, and raise funds for regional solidarity projects.

Monaco Life: Can you tell us more about yourself and your diplomatic career?

Emmanuel Zuñiga Garcia: I am a lawyer born and raised in Honduras. [Being] Minister is my first diplomatic assignment, and we [my team and I] are part of a new government striving to cement the foundations of a better, progressive country. With that spirit in mind, we have assumed the challenge of representing Honduras abroad, putting our capabilities at the nation’s service, [a nation] led by the first female president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro Sarmiento. Previously, I served seven years in the government’s anti-corruption sector, specifically in civil society, and trained as an arbitrator and secretary for the Arbitral Tribunal of the Chamber of Commerce of Tegucigalpa (CCIT).

How would you define your role as Minister of Cultural and Business Affairs?

I consider the role of a minister to be exceptionally versatile and empowering; it facilitates efforts and establishes solid connections with the authorities of the Receiving State and important economic actors to increase the levels of cooperation, integration, cultural and commercial relations, and other national objectives.

“The minister has a crucial function of opening doors in diplomacy.”

The minister’s relevance as second in command of an embassy is very significant since they participate in all relevant processes, especially in terms of executing foreign policy, promotion and international cooperation. This is in addition to the work carried out to support the Honduran diaspora and the consular section. The minister has a crucial function of opening doors in diplomacy.

What is your opinion of the value of cultural diplomacy in international relations?

Cultural diplomacy should be given greater relevance and prominence in international relations. The cultural component can become an element to bring visions, peoples and nations closer together; [it is] an essential tool in eliminating barriers and creating an atmosphere of peace and global prosperity.

Honduras, photo source: Unsplash

What are your goals as Minister of Cultural and Business Affairs for the Embassy of Honduras in Monaco?

Monaco is globally relevant due to its exceptional touristic and commercial position, and cultural exchange is one of the essential pillars for the consolidation of bilateral relations.

Essentially, the objective is to create links between Honduras and the Principality so that Monegasques and residents alike can learn about Honduras and be encouraged to consider it an attractive tourist destination that offers top gastronomy and extraordinary cultural wealth. We wish to encourage and promote investments in areas of bilateral interest and establish institutional links to allow us to have prosperous relationships and cooperation agreements between governments. At a later, more advanced stage, we want to bring study or employment opportunities to young Hondurans in Monaco.

In your opinion, how does the AMI help promote cross-cultural understanding between Honduras and Monaco?

The AMI does laudable, creative and innovative work to strengthen ties between Monaco and Latin America. Their initiatives positively impact promoting our region. AMI’s support will help us open doors in Monaco, meet key influential people and get closer to our goal of rapprochement between Honduras and the Principality.

How is the Cultural Department of your Embassy supporting the AMI’s upcoming diplomatic gastronomy event at the Yacht Club de Monaco?

We received the proposal from the AMI with great enthusiasm as we saw it as a valuable opportunity to promote Honduran gastronomy in Monaco. We submitted the association’s request and the Central Government was pleased to accept the collaboration in organising the Gastronomic Gala. It is imperative to assist in these initiatives to promote our country actively.

We are planning the Gala and [will be] publicising Honduras’ cultural advantages and ancestral flavours. For this purpose, we formed a working team with members of the Honduran Foreign Ministry and the Secretariats of Culture and Tourism. We periodically hold virtual coordination meetings to agree on every detail of our participation in this significant event.

How relevant do you think gastronomy, art and music are as accessible forms of cultural diplomacy?

Cooking, arts and crafts, and folklore music transport us to different places; they bring us memories of people or situations that are important to each of us. Through these participatory events, we delve into personal, family or group layers, and this undoubtedly identifies and connects us all, which is why we value them as a highly positive space for nurturing interaction benefiting both countries.

Roatán, Honduras. Photo credit: Zaca Photo, Unsplash

How do you promote your country? What aspects of Honduran culture do you think are the most relevant?

Honduras is a country that has invaluable cultural, ecological and gastronomic wealth, and we aim to publicise the best we have to offer. We mainly promote culture through advertising on different official and public channels, social networks and other media, and through participating in international fairs and cultural events.

To attract visitors, we emphasise that Honduras enjoys an unparalleled geographical and strategic position, being in the heart of the Americas. It has it all!

We have beautiful beaches and coastal areas bathed by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The second most important barrier reef in the world is in Roatán, a popular diving destination for many cruises. There are also fascinating archaeological and colonial sites worth visiting.

Our exotic flora and fauna are exceptional, and we promote ecotourism through mountains and forests with a rich ecological diversity and natural reserves with high biodiversity. The agricultural environment is unrivaled, producing cocoa, coffee, bananas, oil, tobacco and more.

Honduras also has a significant cultural wealth reflected in our native peoples and their longtime traditions. To top it all off, we add our gastronomy, characterised by foods based on corn, cassava, banana, beans and avocado, among others, where you conjugate typical delicious dishes from the mountains to the coastal areas with a highly hospitable and attentive population.

As we say… Honduras, everything is here! Naturally yours!


What are the key challenges facing cultural diplomacy today?

Diplomacy faces many struggles because we live in a turbulent world marked by economic and cultural differences. The solution to all conflicts is peace and understanding via collaborative and sincere open communication between all countries and international players. We must recognise that each of us has an important role and respect people’s sovereignty by protecting fundamental universal rights.

The primary mission of cultural diplomacy is to reduce the divergences that may naturally exist between human beings, achieving unity through artistic, cultural and tourist exchange. The main path to peace is dialogue, so our role is fundamental in bringing together conflicting opinions, resolving controversies and seeking real integration between countries. Cooperation is paramount in reducing the impact of the scourges that afflict us worldwide, be it poverty, hunger, crime, terrorism or corruption.

How do you foster mutual understanding between different cultures?

It is necessary to prioritise empathy and openness to learn about other cultures, as well as understanding and solidarity, which are essential principles in the daily life of everyone in society and must be permanently present in the foreign policy of every country.

To achieve mutual understanding, we should develop actions focused on three macro vertices: continuously develop spaces for cultural exchange that allow us to promote and disseminate our customs, traditions and cultural wealth; create socio-cultural, commercial and governmental networks aimed at creating an environment conducive to sustaining cultural exchanges and dynamic and efficient cooperation; and generate development initiatives and short, medium and long-term cooperation agreements between countries.

For information on the AMI’s Honduras Gastronomy Gala, send an email to


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Main photo: Sheramin Beauseigneur, President of AMI, with Emmanuel Zuñiga Garcia, Minister of Cultural and Business Affairs, Embassy of Honduras for Monaco and France, in Paris

Sports round-up: AS Monaco dominate 2-5 against Metz, Roca Team’s fortunes falter

It was an up and down weekend for Monaco’s leading basketball and football teams, with a mixed bag of results for the Roca Team contrasting sharply with AS Monaco’s epic 2-5 win against FC Metz.

AS Monaco Basket’s EuroLeague game against Asvel on Thursday 28th March was an away fixture at the LDLC Arena.

Despite an 11-point deficit at one point, the team, guided by Coach Sasa Obradovic, turned the game around to secure an 77-87 win. This is the team’s 10th consecutive victory against the Lyon-based side.

“The fourth quarter is the way we need to play, especially defensively,” said Obradovic post-game, emphasising the importance of the Roca Team’s defensive strategy and the crucial role it played in their eventual victory.

The win has helped solidify AS Monaco’s position within the Top 3 of the EuroLeague standings and keep their playoff aspirations well within reach.

However, the team’s fortunes were reversed in the Betclic Elite arena on Saturday 30th March, when the Roca Team came up against Saint-Quentin in the Palais des Sports Pierre-Ratte.

It was a heartbreaking defeat that concluded with a last-second score, and the Rouges et Blancs only narrowly missed out on success, with a final tally of 71-69.

This marks their third defeat of the season in the French domestic league.

“We conceded a lot of defensive errors, and this lack of skill is costing us dearly,” Captain Yakuba Ouattara acknowledged, signalling the need for adjustments as the team looks ahead.

AS Monaco cements position in Ligue 1 standings

Switching gears to football, AS Monaco triumphed over FC Metz with a 2-5 victory on Saturday 30th March at the Stade Saint-Symphorien.

The victory in Ligue 1 temporarily boosted AS Monaco to second place in the league, behind Paris Saint Germain. However, their rivals for the coveted spot, Stade Brestois 29, made a comeback to claim an extra point over the Monegasque side the following day.

Folarin Balogun delivered a standout performance, scoring twice, with earlier goals coming from Takumi Minamino, Maghnes Akliouche and Vanderson.

Folarin Balogun scored two of AS Monaco’s five goals against FC Metz. Photo credit: AS Monaco

Wilfried Singo, a defending player for Les Monégasques, reflected on the team’s preparedness, saying, “We fought hard, and finally we came away with a big victory.”


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Photo credit: