Prince Albert II launches first Académie de la Mer training session of the summer

As Honorary President of the Académie de la Mer, Monaco’s Prince Albert II has formally opened the organisation’s first training session of the year at an event attended by the more than 40 ‘students’ who will participate in 2024’s inaugural course. 

On Monday 1st July, 40 of the participants aged between 21 and 63 who will form the Class of Rainier III gathered at Le Méridien Beach Plaza to listen to Prince Albert speak on his ambitions for the Académie de la Mer, as well as his personal mission to raise awareness about ocean conservation.  

These students, who represent around 30 countries from around the world and each have a background in law or human sciences, will receive tuition from 20 expert speakers over the next 10 days on topics ranging from marine environmental and security issues to international relations and geopolitics centered around seas and oceans, and maritime law.

The goal of the course, referred to as ‘The Sea at 360º’, is for students to understand the current issues facing the world’s seas and oceans through a multidisciplinary approach that will lead to a certification facilitating careers in tertiary professions in related industries and sectors.  

The course’s grand finale will come on 12th and 13th July, with two days of discussions on fishing, overfishing and their impacts on the state and health of the seas and oceans. 

For further information on the Académie de la Mer and its missions, click here. 


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Photo credit: Michael Alesi / Palais Princier de Monaco

Creative children’s art classes at the Grimaldi Forum’s Turner exhibit

grimaldi forum children

With the grand opening of the Grimaldi Forum’s major summer exhibition, ‘Turner: The Sublime Legacy’, now just days away, the cultural venue in Larvotto has announced a series of special, affiliated art workshops for children that will be taking place during the school holidays. 

On Saturday 6th July, after months of build-up, the Grimaldi Forum will be unveiling its captivating Turner show in conjunction with Tate Britain. 

While the main event will be more geared towards adult minds, the venue is also seeking to involve and inspire the event’s younger visitors with a number of creative workshops designed to unleash their inner artist.  

Between Monday 8th and Friday 19th July, on weekdays only, the Grimaldi Forum will be hosting an array of courses for children that will feature themes specific to J. M. W. Turner. Those who come along to the classes will be taught a variety of techniques used by the prolific artist through pastel and watercolour painting sessions. Participants will also be given the chance to learn the basics of photography and study the impact of light and the time of day on colour interpretation.  

The courses for five to eight-year-olds will run from 10am to 12pm, while those aged between nine and 12 are invited to come along for a separate two-hour class starting at 2pm.  

Single sessions cost €25 per child or €110 for a week’s worth of workshops.   

For more information, as well as the full programme of events linked to the Turner exhibition, click here.

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Photo source: Unsplash


Mayor of Menton Yves Juhel in police custody

According to reports from the local French press, Yves Juhel, the mayor of Menton has been arrested and taken into police custody for questioning about the possible misappropriation of public funds in a case linked to his management of Les Ports de Menton.  

Juhel, who has been the mayor of Menton in the far-eastern corner of the Alpes-Maritimes since 2022, was reportedly arrested by the Interregional Jurisdiction Specialised in Combating Organized Crime of Marseille (JIRS) on the morning of Tuesday 2nd July and taken to the Auvare Police Commissariat. It is believed that he was released later that day, but that his questioning will resume on Wednesday 3rd July.   

Reports by the French-language media outlets of the south of France suggest that Juhel is suspected of being involved in the misappropriation of public funds.  

France 3 Côte d’Azur has made reference to claims for expenses totalling more than €700,000, including fees for hotel stays, plane tickets, dinners at restaurants, Champagne and truffles, moving costs and vehicles not listed in the fleet belonging to the Menton municipality, adding, “In the background is the financing of Mayor Yves Juhel’s 2022 campaign.” 

France 3 Côte d’Azur has also reported that 2,000 documents have been submitted for review. A full audit is reportedly in the works, with its results due at the end of this week or early next week. 

“I can confirm that my client was placed in police custody this morning,” said Juhel’s lawyer, Philippe Soussi, in comments provided to the media on Tuesday 2nd July.


The investigation into Les Ports de Menton’s management is understood to have been led by the judicial police service in Nice until this latest development. It has now, according to the local press, been taken over by Marseille’s JIRS, which handles cases of major financial crime.  

According to the Nice Matin, Juhel was just one of 12 people to have been questioned by police in relation to the ongoing investigation into the public company of Les Ports de Menton. Others included his wife, who was released in the evening, according to the newspaper, and Mathieu Messina, the Chief Magistrate of Menton and former CEO of Les Ports de Menton, as well as former Deputy Mayor for Finance under Juhel. Messina appears to be the second biggest figure in the sights of the investigators, but is reportedly in Corsica and was thus taken into police custody by local forces there.  


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Photo source: Slim Mars, Unsplash

E-Rallye Monte-Carlo: Camille Gottlieb joins Black Sirius racing team

camille gottlieb

The Black Sirius racing team, headed up by ‘gentleman driver’ Philippe Demanet, has announced that Camille Gottlieb, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco’s youngest daughter and the founder of the anti-drink driving association, BeSafe Monaco, will be joining the crew for the E-Rallye Monte-Carlo this autumn. 

Scheduled to take place between 23rd and 26th October, the 100% electric E-Rallye Monte-Carlo has gained a reputation over the years as being a challenging course suited to drivers who enjoy tackling a variety of terrains.  

The event, which is now in its eighth edition and is organised by the Automobile Club of Monaco (ACM), regularly attracts top names from the rally racing world and the 2024 edition is set to be no different. 

This year, Camille Gottlieb, the anti-drink driving campaigner, influencer and niece of Prince Albert II of Monaco, will also be participating in the rally. She has confirmed that she will be joining the Black Sirius racing team alongside social media sensation Lila Corsaint, known as LilaSpeach, whose posts show that girls and cars can mix very well indeed, and Team Principal, driver and philanthropist Philippe Demanet. 

Demanet, along with Marie Dubos and Thierry Revel, a former head concierge at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, is a renowned car enthusiast who has turned his passion into a philanthropic endeavour. Through their ‘They Are The Champions’ initiative, Demanet, Dubos and Revel sponsor special events for disadvantaged children in and around the Principality of Monaco. Last year, they set up a day of driving at the Prestige Karting du Luc track in the Varois village of Le Luc and have equally big plans in store for the 2024 event, which will be held later this year. 

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Photo source: Camille Gottlieb, Instagram

Inauguration of Roger Capron’s Underwater Décor at Galerie des Salines

Caroline, Princess of Hanover on Tuesday inaugurated the restored artwork by Roger Capron, reinstalled in the Galerie des Salines.

Created in 1968 by French artist Roger Capron, this ceramic décor, depicting a marine universe and originally consisting of 29 glazed terracotta panels, was designed for the façades of the premises located beneath the Larvotto promenade until 2019. The artist presented various stylised visions of Mediterranean seabeds, featuring fish, algae, and crustaceans.

As part of the Larvotto beach restructuring works initiated in September 2019, an extensive conservation and restoration project was launched to remove, restore, and reinstall the 12 panels that were still preserved on site. This significant project was supervised by the New National Museum of Monaco (NMNM), the custodian of the artwork, in close collaboration with the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Institute of Heritage, the Directorate of Public Works, and the Reserve – Collection Management.

Born in 1922 and trained at the School of Applied Arts in Paris, Roger Capron contributed to the revival of ceramics in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1952, he opened his own ceramics factory in Vallauris, merging artistic approach with industrial processes. The artist also created major architectural ceramic works, such as for the Cannes Maritime Station and the décor of Byblos in Saint-Tropez. His creations have been recognised and awarded numerous prizes, including the gold medal at the 10th Triennale of Milan in 1954.

Several exhibitions have been dedicated to Capron, including a major retrospective in 2003 at the National Museum of Ceramics in Sèvres.

The restored panels now serve as a testament to Capron’s enduring legacy and his ability to blend artistic vision with functional design, offering a glimpse into the underwater world that inspired him.

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Photo: H.R.H. The Princess of Hanover surrounded by Patrice Cellario, Government Counselor-Minister of the Interior, Françoise Gamerdinger, Director of Cultural Affairs of Monaco, Björn Dahlström, Director of NMNM, and Philippe Capron, son of Roger Capron. Credit: Manuel Vital, Communication Department



Lenny Kravitz to star at Monte-Carlo Summer Festival

lenny kravitz

American rocker Lenny Kravitz will be breaking up his global tour with two much-awaited gigs in Monaco this summer as part of the Monte-Carlo Summer Festival. 

Lenny Kravitz hit the American rock scene in 1989 with his debut album, Let Love Rule. The album was a massive success and spawned several hit singles, including the title track and I Build This Garden For Us, leading him to a career in music that has now spanned 35 years. In that time, he has earned four Grammy Awards, claimed a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and sold 40 million records worldwide.  

Notable for his smooth singing voice and rousing execution, the singer-songwriter has proven that he has still ‘got it’ at 60 years of age with the release of his latest album, Blue Electric.

Currently on tour and busy promoting his 12th studio album, Kravitz’s visit to Monaco will see him perform a number of his newer tracks along with some of his most famous hits over two nights – 15th and 16th August – at the Salle des Étoiles.  

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Unlike most concerts on the Monte-Carlo Summer Festival programme, neither of the Lenny Kravitz concerts will be accompanied by a dinner. Nor will there be any assigned seating, allowing fans to soak up his energetic performances while dancing the evening away freely.  

Tickets begin at €220 per person. For further information and reservations, click here 

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Photo source: Lenny Kravitz, Facebook