Interview: artmonte-carlo ambassador Safia El Malqui

Step into Monaco’s cultural spotlight with artmonte-carlo this weekend at the Grimaldi Forum, where elegance meets artistic excellence. Ambassador Safia El Malqui explains more about the event’s exclusive collaborations and meticulous selection process.

The 8th edition of the esteemed annual art event artmonte-carlo will open to the public this Friday at the Grimaldi Forum. Organised under the High Patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco, the event aligns with the Monaco Art Week, running from 2nd to 7th July. 

Notably, Charlotte Diwan, who assumed the role of Director of artgeneve at the start of 2024 following the unexpected departure of Thomas Hug, leads the artmonte-carlo exhibition. Both art fairs mutually enhance each other’s standing, consolidating the Principality’s position as a pivotal hub for the arts.

The art fair known as artmonte-carlo is closely associated with artgeneve. People from Switzerland often travel to Monaco for this event because of the strong connections between the two European art centres, home to numerous art galleries and enthusiasts. The events complement each other due to their seasonality—artgeneve in winter and artmonte-carlo during the summer—as well as regional focus. The smaller nature of boutique fairs, like those in Geneva and Monaco, also encourages more interaction between exhibitors and attendees.

artmonte-carlo 2024

Considered a pinnacle of artistic excellence, artmonte-carlo is a leading platform for ancient, modern, and contemporary art in Monaco and the French Riviera. A select group of 27 leading international galleries is showcased in meticulously designed scenography, and a significantly enriched program of special exhibitions fosters dialogue between the art market, collectors, and the institutional world, offering a unique and exclusive experience. 

Monaco Life recently spoke with Safia El Malqui, a Monaco resident and passionate art collector who also serves as the ambassador for artmonte-carlo. In our interview, she highlights the critical role of the fair in the Principality’s art scene, reveals exciting new collaborations, delves into the meticulous selection process for participating galleries, and sheds light on the latest additions and innovations.

Monaco Life: How significant is artmonte-carlo for the Principality art scene? 

Safia El Malqui: The artmonte-carlo exhibition holds significant importance for the Principality as a thriving hub in the contemporary art market. It stands out due to its unique format and exclusive clientele, which are explicitly tailored for art enthusiasts and collectors in the region. 

We aim to foster crucial relationships with key institutional and art market stakeholders. One notable collaboration is with the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (NMNM) through initiatives like the artmonte-carlo F.P.Journe Prize. Sponsored by Watch Manufacture F.P.Journe, this initiative involves acquiring artwork at the fair, which is then donated to enrich the museum’s collection, directly impacting Monaco’s cultural landscape. 

We believe artmonte-carlo is a dynamic platform that aspires to promote meaningful local and regional partnerships that benefit local institutions and external sponsors. This approach also strengthens Monaco’s position as a vibrant centre for art and culture.

artmonte-carlo 2024

What is the pursuit of this art fair? 

The mission of artmonte-carlo is to unite the diverse ecosystem of the art market and institutions. It aims to serve as a significant regional and international platform, a unifying meeting point, and a key event for the global art community. 

How has artmonte-carlo evolved since its inception?

Since its inception in 2016, the fair has seen significant growth and evolution, culminating in what we believe is the ideal setup for the 8th edition: 27 galleries, committed partners who believe in the project, and numerous collaborations with regional institutions. Alongside the fair, a rich program of events is organised, promising an exciting and dynamic experience for all attendees. 

Today, the fair encompasses everything expected from such an event: a high-quality program of international galleries, events outside the Grimaldi Forum, and visits to institutional collections as part of our VIP program.

“This setting encourages visitors to make spontaneous purchases driven by passion and immediate connection rather than focusing solely on well-known artists.”

What would you say is the DNA of artmonte-carlo that distinguishes it from other art fairs?

I believe artmonte-carlo is characterised by its intimate and elegant format, offering a diverse array of high-quality artworks. This carefully curated environment creates a unique atmosphere, encouraging meaningful interactions among collectors, galleries, artists, and institutional actors, making the audience feel intrigued and excited about the event. 

Unlike larger art fairs, artmonte-carlo allows blue-chip international and local galleries to present exclusive, rather diverse artworks that differ from their typical artist roster. This setting encourages visitors to make spontaneous purchases driven by passion and immediate connection rather than focusing solely on well-known artists. 

artmonte-carlo 2024

Is there a group within artmonte-carlo who decides on the participating art galleries?

Yes, this year, we have a selection committee representing three different regions: Italy, France, and Switzerland. The primary criterion for selection is the excellence of the artworks presented by the galleries. 

A committee of professionals in the art market is crucial to guarantee an unbiased selection process. It is essential to have a panel of professionals independent of the organisation to guarantee an impartial selection process. This impartiality ensures that only the most compelling galleries are chosen to exhibit, reflecting the high standard of artmonte-carlo. The committee also closely examines the authenticity and provenance of the artworks, ensuring that the art fair upholds the highest standards of quality and credibility, making the audience feel confident in the quality of the exhibited artworks. 

Who is the typical attendee of artmonte-carlo? 

The archetypal attendees are art lovers, buyers, and collectors with a strong affinity for aesthetics and a significant purchasing power. These individuals are often seasoned collectors, connoisseurs, and influential figures in the art world who seek out the finest artworks to add to their collections. They are always on the lookout for unique and captivating pieces. 

What is the make-up of the standard buyer? 

The average buyer is typically a local Monaco resident who has a deep appreciation for fine art and the means to invest in high-quality pieces. Additionally, we attract an international clientele drawn to Monaco’s unique environment, which blends local sophistication with global appeal. 

This year, we focus on expanding our reach to collectors from surrounding regions such as the south of France and northern Italy. We also aim to attract tourists visiting Monaco and the Côte d’Azur, leveraging Monaco’s position as part of the Riviera, with specific attention to areas like Cannes, Nice, and Saint Tropez.

artmonte-carlo 2024

Is there a wide range of prices for pieces exhibited? 

We are proud to present a diverse gamut of artworks, ranging from €50,000 to several million euros, ensuring that there is something for every art lover, from seasoned collectors to those just beginning their journey in the art world.

What are the novelties for this 8th edition?

The 8th edition of artmonte-carlo will feature an exciting lineup of new local and international exhibitors. Renowned galleries based in the Principality, such as Almine Rech, Hauser & Wirth, Retelet, Moretti Fine Art, and Opera Gallery, will also be part of the fair’s program. They will be joined by esteemed newcomers, including Lisson Gallery, Lelong & Co. Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, Larkin Erdmann Fine Art, ML Fine Art, Semiose and Wilde. These additions promise to enhance the diversity and richness of the fair, offering attendees a fresh and dynamic experience. 

The fair will have a different, more harmonised layout. It will feature a new lounge area designed by Ruinart and Roche Bobois, including a selection of art publishers such as Cahiers d’art and We Do Not Work Alone. 

This year, artmonte-carlo will further strengthen its presence in the Principality by establishing new collaborations, notably with Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Théâtre Princesse Grace, and Pavillon Bosio. 

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All artmonte-carlo 2024 photos by Niki Borisova for Monaco Life. Main photo of Safia El Malqui artmonte-carlo ambassador, and art collector, credit: SEM

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Jumping International: Traffic restrictions in Port Hercule to continue until 12th July

With the Jumping International de Monte-Carlo leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour in full swing in Port Hercule, a number of parking and traffic restrictions have been put in place along the Quai des États-Unis, Route de la Piscine and Quai Antoine Ier. 

These restrictions, though frustrating for some residents and visitors, ensure the safety and security of the many fans to turn out each year to witness this incredible event, as well as the competitors.  

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As such, traffic is entirely prohibited on the Quai des États-Unis, Route de la Piscine and Darse Sud until 11pm on Friday 5th July and from 8am on Saturday 6th July until 2am the following morning.  

Once the event is over, a one-way traffic lane will be set up between the Quai des États-Unis and the intersection of the Route de la Piscine with Quai Antoine Ier. This will remain in place until noon on Friday 12th July. It should be noted, however, that the Quai Albert Ier will remain out-of-bounds to drivers until 6pm on Thursday 11th July.  

Parking will also be off limits in much of the port area until midnight on Tuesday 9th July. The Quai Antoine Ier and Esplanade des Pêcheurs will be affected by these parking restrictions, but only until 6pm on Monday 8th July.   

Road access to the Louis Chiron carpark will remain open throughout the event.  

For detailed, live information on the traffic disruptions linked to the Jumping International de Monte-Carlo event, click here

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Photo credit: Longines Global Champions Tour, Monaco 2024


Innovative solutions propel the 2024 Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Agility, endurance, innovation and sustainability are the key themes of this year’s Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, an event designed as a laboratory and showcase for the most creative concepts and uses of marine technology.  

With the 11th edition well underway at the Yacht Club de Monaco, Niki Borisova of Monaco Life headed down to the quays on Thursday 4th July to meet with the student teams from around the world who have come to the Principality to showcase and test out their innovative designs that feature the latest technologies, materials and eco-conscious propulsion systems. 

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Though the competition is split into three distinct classes – the Energy Class; the Solar Class, where participants design boats that rely exclusively on solar power; and the Open Sea Class, which includes vessels that are already on or are about to enter the market – all were present for the manoeuvrability trials on Thursday.  

Participants headed out of the harbour to make their attempts in a race that was ultimately won by a Greek team in the Energy Class with their Oceanos boat.  

Another vessel that stood out was an Energy Class boat by Tameo Ensta, a French team representing Ensta Paris, which partnered with Monaco Marine. The boat featured a sleek design and geometric aesthetic, as well as three motors.  

“We chose to run with three motors this year: two are at the front of the boat and one is at the back. They will be retractable and more agile,” explained a member of the team.  

Other highlights from the event thus far have included the newly introduced YCM E-Boat Rally, which took place on Wednesday 3rd July and saw participants embark on a 21-nautical mile round trip between Monaco and Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia, and the Sea Lab, a platform for demonstrating innovative solutions and discussing the future of sustainable yachting. A networking and jobs forum has also proved popular with the international teams.  

The final day of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, Saturday 6th July, will revolve around the prize-giving ceremony. Up for grabs are awards recognising the outstanding achievements of the participants, with categories such as the Innovation Prize, Eco-Conception Prize, Best Tech Talk, New Generation Prize and the new Sustainable Technology Award.  

To watch some of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge action, check out the Monaco Life Instagram reel below:

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Photo by Monaco Life

AS Monaco reveal new kit honouring the team’s 100th anniversary

AS Monaco kit

With the Rouge et Blancs turning 100 this year, AS Monaco has announced that its high-performance 2024/25 home kit has taken inspiration from the jerseys worn by the many players who have sported the Principality’s signature colours over the years.  

The redesigned shirt, which is already available for purchase, features elements of AS Monaco’s eight greatest championship campaigns of the last century. 

These tributes begin with the diagonal stripe dreamt up by Princess Grace for the 1960/61 season and the white sleeves worn by the team in the 1962/63 season. There are also the red details from 1977/78, the subtle circle around the crest from 1981/82, the white V-neck from 1987/88 with the added red stripe from 1996/97, the light grey shadow under the diagonal from 1999/00 and the vertical red stripe on the right flank from 2016/17.  

Players Wilfried Singo and Eliesse Ben Seghir sporting the new design. Photo via AS Monaco

“This outfit is a real invitation to step back in time and retrace the seasons that have forged AS Monaco’s success story,” say representatives for the famous club.  

While there are nods to the past aplenty, it should be noted this is a very modern uniform that features the Kombat Pro technology championed by sportswear maker Kappa. It is of the highest quality yet is also very environmentally conscious – the kit is made using 100% recycled polyester.  

The club crest, adorned in its traditional red, white and gold, is located on the heart side of the jersey while the Omini Kappa is applied as a transfer on the other side, with the team’s motto of ‘Daghe Munegu’ stamped inside the collar.  

These jerseys are now available online and in the official store, which can be found at Les Jardins d’Apolline on the Promenade Honore II in Monaco.

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Photo source: Alexandra Kohn, Pixabay

Monaco reasserts its “duty of memory” at International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance meeting

Lorenzo Ravano, Monaco’s Ambassador to Germany and its representative to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, proudly joined figureheads from more than 40 countries worldwide at the organisation’s recent meeting in Glasgow. On the agenda were talks on how to tackle the resurgence of anti-Semitism on a domestic and international level, as well as discussions on the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict.  

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) is an intergovernmental organisation composed of 35 Members Countries and eight Observer Countries. Monaco falls in the latter group, but made its presence felt at the recent gathering in Glasgow, which was chaired by Lord Eric Pickles, a member of the UK’s House of Lords and its Special Envoy for Post-Holocaust Issues. 

The goal of the meeting was to address issues related to the global rise in anti-Semitism in the wake of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, a complex military conflict that has claimed thousands of lives on both sides.  

Among the topics covered was how generative artificial intelligence is being used as a weapon for spreading anti-Semitic narratives and disinformation, as well as methods for strengthening procedures to safeguard Jewish sites. The meeting also saw the introduction of a new forum dedicated to disseminating archival data among the IHRA’s members.  


Lorenzo Ravano, Ambassador of Monaco to Germany and Representative of the Principality to the IHRA, attended the event, which was held between 24th and 27th June, and spoke about Monaco’s efforts to combat anti-Semitism as part of its “duty of memory”.  

He cited the 2006 creation of the Commission for Assistance to Victims of Spoliations, the public publication of a list of Jewish people arrested and deported from Monaco during World War II in 2015, and the opening of the Principality’s World War II archives for research in 2020.  

Ravano also highlighted Monaco’s educational awareness campaigns in schools. At an appropriate age, students in the Principality are given a virtual tour of the Auschwitz concentration camp in order to educate them on the atrocities of those awful times.  

He then confirmed that Monaco will be present at the 80th anniversary commemorations of the liberation of Auschwitz, an event that will take place in January 2025, before noting Prince Albert II of Monaco’s conscious efforts to tackle racism and discrimination, reminding those present that the Prince received the Medal of Honour from the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) in April this year in recognition of his continued commitment in this area. 


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Photo credit: Eloise Bishop