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New boss for Riviera airports

The Airports of the Côte d’Azur group will see a major change at the top, with Franck Goldnadel taking over from Dominique Thillaud in the role of Chairman of the Management Board. 

Monaco sidesteps crippling fine

After years of litigation and a hefty €141 million compensation package to be paid by the State to Caroli Immo, a solution to the thorny Esplanade des Pêcheurs project has been attained.

Macron's €100 billion recovery package

French President Emmanuel Macron has presented a green-tinted €100 billion recovery plan to pull the country out of its economic slump and create jobs.

25% of businesses predicted to go bust in PACA region

A representative of the 70,000 small to medium-sized enterprises in the PACA region says he does not see up to 25% of them surviving the economic crisis triggered by the recent pandemic.

Interview: Designer Daniela Boutsen

Daniela Boutsen could never have imagined the life she would lead when growing up in Berlin. Now, she has a successful design company listing royalty, heads of state and the elite among her clientele.

Serge Telle departs as Minister of State

Serge Telle has been awarded Commander of the Order of Grimaldi as his position as Minister of State of the Principality officially ends this week.