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Appeal for sea plastic reducing projects

BeMed, the organisation co-created by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, is launching a call for projects aimed at reducing plastic pollution in the Mediterranean islands.

Funding needed for animal-borne virus research

The ZSL is calling for urgent investment in research to prevent future pandemics which could have a much higher fatality rate than Covid-19.

Living peacefully with orangutans in 2020

Since 1996, Marc Ancrenaz, through his NGO HUTAN, has been identifying ways for people to co-exist and share habitats peacefully with orangutans in the Sabah rainforest, Malaysian Borneo. 

Ocean protection continues during crisis

The MedFund is allocating €1.8 million to marine protected areas. It comes amid a new scientific study which suggests that oceans could be returned to their former glory within a generation.

Air pollution levels plummet in lockdown

Satellite data distributed by the European Space Agency show improvement in air quality in vast swaths of Europe since the confinement period began.

Preserving marine turtles in French Polynesia

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is supporting an important project to protect Polynesian marine ecosystems and in particular marine turtles.