Latest news

Digital applications for CTTR

Companies in the Principality who wish to apply for Reinforced Total Temporary Unemployment (CTTR) for their employees can now carry out the procedures online.

Digital documents have equal status

Since December 2019, digital and paper documents have had the same legal value under a new law. The government is now using this law to entice businesses and stimulate economic activity.

Monaco Telecom launches on-demand television service

Monaco can now boast a personalised, digital television service combining traditional free tv channels with on-demand streaming, placing it in a unique position globally. 

Out with the old, in with the new

After a five-year test period, new ‘smart’ energy meters are being installed in homes throughout the Principality, helping to reduce power usage and cut bills.

Digital career coaching for Monaco’s teens

Thousands of teenage students in Monaco are benefiting from CAESO, a new webchat coaching scheme offering free and personalised career guidance.

Extended Monaco progress report

It's been less than nine months since the Prince’s government unveiled the Extended Monaco programme, yet the initiatives that have been implemented in that time are nothing short of impressive.