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Natural cosmetics company joins forces with OceanoScientific

Natural cosmetics company joins forces with OceanoScientific

By Stephanie Horsman - January 21, 2022

Monaco-based designer of cosmetic actives Exsymol has signed on with OceanoScientific Expeditions Monaco. The partnership will help protect organisms living in little explored coral reefs and raise awareness among youth.

Monegasque firm Exsymol’s Chairman Pierre Bondon and Yvan Griboval of OceanoScientific signed the agreement to work together on 19th January at the Monaco Yacht Club.

Since 2006, OceanoScientific, created by sailing enthusiast and journalist Griboval, has been dedicated to enabling the scientific community and the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to expand their knowledge on the causes and effects of climate change on the seas.

This has been accomplished through daily data collection and atmospheric interfacing gleaned from sea-going craft from all over the globe.

Now, OceanoScientific can add Monaco’s Exsymol to its list of partners. Exsymol has been around since 1972 and is a creator and producer of active ingredients for skin care products, becoming a pioneer in using natural extracts and peptides combined with organic bioactive silicon to make products that use nature for “cosmedical solutions”. The company uses clean chemistry to provide customers with low-environmental impact products.  

This partnership signals the start of a relationship that will focus on safeguarding the genetic heritage of organisms found in little known or never-before explored coral reefs. They hope to be able to explore the reefs for the purpose of creating bio-mimics, or copies of things found in nature, for the benefit of science, health and well-being. Additionally, they aim to mobilse youth and encourage them to study ocean-related topics as career paths, thus encouraging love and respect for the sea.

After the signing, Exsymol’s Bondon stated that he was “delighted to take part in this adventure. Beyond the strong personal attraction to the sea, I am convinced that the future will go through a better knowledge of the ocean as well as gain an increased respect for this environment essential to life on Earth.  The missions of raising awareness for ocean protection and research of scientific data of OceanoScientific Expeditions correspond perfectly to the DNA of Exsymol.”  

For his part, Yvan Griboval was ready to “take on board with us a Monegasque company which bases its activities and its development on active principles derived from nature and with respect for it. Preserving the ocean and its biodiversity for future generations means being able to virtuously marry ecology and economy, where man is content with his rightful place in nature, with humility. Exsymol is sincere in its societal and environmental commitments. We therefore are proud to have them by our side in these new philanthropic expeditions in the service of science, and humanity.”



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Photo: Exsymol’s Deputy Chairman Pierre Bondon and Yvan Griboval of OceanoScientific




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