Simon Pavitt

In his regular column for Monaco Life, Simon Pavitt, pioneer in helping remarkable individuals with their ‘Capstones’, talks to those in the Principality about how they are finding meaning and fulfilment beyond their day to day business. Simon’s focus is more around passion projects and the ‘non-financial’ motivations to getting them going.

Simon Pavitt is Founder of Wingman: Experts in Capstone Projects.



Author’s Articles

Konrad Bergström’s passion for silence

Konrad Bergström registered the trademark X Shore in 1996, but it took nearly 20 years before he felt the timing was right to fully focus on his ‘Tesla of the sea’ idea.

Interview: Chris Buncombe on being an F1 wingman

Simon Pavitt speaks with British racing driver Chris Buncombe about life supporting best friend Jenson Button and rekindling the Rocket Motorsport name.

Jeremy Williman’s Dragonfly capstone

Jeremy Williman, the man behind the retractable barrier system ‘Tensabarrier’, speaks about his new project, the ‘Dragonfly’, a hyperscooter bringing luxury to the future of micro-mobility.

Interview: Eddie Jordan

We speak to Eddie Jordan OBE, the Irish former F1 team owner, entrepreneur, TV personality and philanthropist, about finding meaning beyond his day to day business.