Race to the rhythm: A guide to the best Grand Prix parties in Monaco

For the lucky few who find themselves in Monaco during the F1 Grand Prix, the parties are just as important as the race itself, with the world’s most renowned DJs lured to Monaco’s hotspots to entertain a hyped-up crowd who are in a race of their own to the rhythm. 

Twiga is always a classic during the Monaco Grand Prix, and this year’s lineup does not disappoint. Several special DJs will take over the dance floor during the GP weekend of the 23rd to 26th of May. 

It kicks off on Thursday 23rd May with DJ Magnum on the decks. The next day, Friday 24th, Purple Disco Machine will take over with his funky beats. Moving more into the techno world on Saturday 25th, Marco Carola will dominate with his techno mastery. And closing out on Sunday 26th May is the iconic Bob Sinclar who will delight the crowd with his legendary classics that have been loved over the decades. Reservations are advisable. Click here.

Jimmy’z is an institution in Monaco. Photo credit: Monte-Carlo SBM

Another iconic venue for the Grand Prix festivities is, of course, the renowned Jimmy’z Club. Known to host the world’s top DJs for the summer season, Jimmy’z is a favourite for music lovers. 

During the race weekend, the featured lineup indulges more in the techno and deep house genres. On Friday 24th May, Adriatique will be mixing their deep and melodic techno sounds. The next day, on 25th May, two DJs will electrify the crowd. First up is Diplo, energising the crowd with his electronic dance music sets (EDM), followed by Blondish’s more subtle house music tracks. On the big final race night, the legendary Black Coffee will make an appearance. Black Coffee is a DJ who has broken boundaries in the music world by mixing Afrobeats and house music. For reservations, click here.

Grand Prix restaurant celebrations

This race season, it is not just clubs that are hosting the celebrations, but also restaurants. Mayabay has an exciting lineup. Bringing disco and electronic beats to the Asian ambience, Cerrone will take centre stage on Friday 24th. The highlight of the race weekend at Mayabay will come the following night, Saturday 25th, as Martin Solveig will perform his electronic tracks. On Sunday 26th, Mayabay’s very own resident DJ will take over to close out the memorable race weekend. For reservations, click here.

Transitioning from Asia to Greece, Gaia will take us on a Greek odyssey as the venue transforms into a Greek Epicurean Garden, displaying plenty of Hellenic decadence. During the race weekend, Dest DJ, director of the world-famous Alemagou Beach Club in Mykonos, will be transporting the crowd to this magical Greek island with his deep house beats. For more information, call+377 99 99 09 69.

Sunset, Le Meridien

Exclusive pop-up venues

In addition to these well known venues, the Principality is also filled with pop-ups during the race weekend. The most prominent is Sunset at Le Meridien beach. The Sunset 2024 program promises an unforgettable musical experience, featuring an eclectic lineup of famous artists from the international electronic scene, right on the soft sands in front of the hotel. 

Starting the race weekend on 24th May, the legendary DJ Luciano will captivate with his style bridging techno and Latin beats and delivering memorable live sets. Carlita, with her unique blend of influences ranging from rock to indie, will offer captivating musical journeys on 25th May. On the same day, Andhim, the innovative German duo, presents their distinctive ‘Super House’, blending creativity and sounds. On Sunday 26th, Pabels, hailing from Argentina, will entice the large crowd with his special approach to disco and house, inviting the audience on a journey through genres. 

Sunset is not just about music. Partygoers will also be able to enjoy dance performances, light shows, Jet Ski tricks, and a stunning fireworks display. for more information, click here.

Staying at Le Meridien Beach Plaza, Amber Lounge will again be offering an upscale program on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May. This year will see a special program as Amber Lounge celebrates its 20th anniversary. 

Renowned hip-hop artist Big Calo will join Amber Lounge MC/host throughout the two-day celebrations. Renowned saxophonist Ellie Sax will commence the weekend, followed by award-winning DJ Tom Jagger, whose eclectic mixing style and high-energy sets have made him a sought-after name worldwide. Also, the legendary hype man Fatman Scoop returns to the stage, promising an unforgettable experience with his booming voice. Concluding the weekend, famous dance music artist Jax Jones is set to headline on Sunday 26th May, playing his chart-topping hits. For more information, click here.

Lilly’s Club

Another pop-up that is fast becoming a staple in the Principality is Lilly’s Club, located at the Fairmont Hotel. This year’s lineup is outstanding, with the most well-recognised modern DJs being featured. 

The renowned Martinez Brothers from the Bronx will commence the festivities on Thursday 23rd, bringing tech house to Lilly’s Club. Rampa, who is part of the trio that makes up Keinsmusik, a movement in electronic music, will be taking over on Friday 24th. Keinsmusik has gained worldwide notoriety in the past few years, blending techno, deep house, and tribal influences under their logo ‘The Kloud’, which has sparked a movement in the young generation called ‘under the cloud’. South Korean global icon Peggy Gou will be on the decks on Saturday 25th, delivering her ‘K-House’ tracks, as Gou calls her music. 

Who will be closing out the weekend on 26th May is yet to be announced, keeping the audience guessing. To reserve, click here: EVENTS — Lilly’s Club (lillysclub.com)

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Main photo: Sunset at Le Meridien, photo source: Sunset

Monaco remembers Prince Rainier III’s ascension to the throne 75 years ago

prince rainier 75 years

75 years ago, on 9th May 1949, Prince Rainier III became the official sovereign of Monaco. He was 25-years-old. 

To mark this major moment in the history of the Principality, the Palais Princier de Monaco has released an enchanting selection of four precious images from its archives.  

The photographs date from 9th May 1974, when the Principality and the Grimaldi family celebrated the 25th anniversary of Prince Rainier’s rule.


In one, Prince Rainier and his wife, Princess Grace, are photographed with their three children in the Place du Casino. A 16-year-old Prince Albert can be seen on his father’s left side, while Princess Caroline, who was 17-years-old at the time, walks between her mother and her little sister, the nine-year-old Princess Stéphanie.  

© Palais Princier de Monaco archives

Another depicts Prince Rainier at the top of the double staircase that leads to the Galerie d’Hercule. 

© Palais Princier de Monaco archives

The remaining two pictures show the crowds that gathered on the Rock of Monaco to celebrate Prince Rainier’s 25th anniversary as the ruler of the Principality.  

© Palais Princier de Monaco archives

Prince Rainier ruled for almost 56 years, from 9th May 1949 until his death on 6th April 2005 at the age of 81.


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Photo credits: Palais Princier de Monaco archives

Podcast: Lilly’s Club Co-Founder Adam Demarle on how to throw a party during the Monaco Grand Prix

As the engines roar on the famous Monaco Grand Prix Circuit in May, another symphony of opulence unfolds in the shadows of the Principality’s glamorous skyline.

Here, amid the pulsating rhythm of the Formula One race, lies a parallel universe of indulgence and extravagance: the legendary parties that rival the race itself. In exclusive venues and aboard magnificent super yachts, Champagne flows like a river of liquid gold, DJs spin electrifying beats, and celebrities and formula one drivers mingle effortlessly with the public, their laughter and whispers adding to the intoxicating atmosphere.

For the past two years, there’s been a newcomer to the party scene… a pair of young French entrepreneurs, Hugo Dutheil and Adam Demarle, who are on a mission to curate over-the-top luxurious experiences at the Fairmont Hotel, bringing together some of the most influential players in the music world. 

Lilly’s Club Co-Founder Adam Demarle tells us more about how to throw an extravagant party in the playground of the privileged. 

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, in this article or on the app.

Monaco Life: Tell us what is happening at Lilly’s Club this year … who’s actually locked in to perform? 

Adam Demarle: This year, Lilly’s Club Monaco is hosting, on the Thursday night, the Martinez Brothers, Rampa from Keinemusik on Friday night, and Peggy Gou on Saturday. Sunday, we have not announced yet. 

This is the biggest lineup we have pulled out so far, so we are very proud of that. And there are many surprises coming, so stay tuned. 

Tell us exactly where the idea for Lilly’s Club came from, because this is your third Monaco Grand Prix, is that right? 

Yes, so basically we got approached by someone who works at the Fairmont to host like a restaurant that we had at the time in Paris during the Monaco GP. When we arrived and looked around the Fairmont Hotel, we didn’t feel that it was right for the restaurant but we saw they had this huge room and it was free to use for the Grand Prix. So, we said we wanted to produce a huge event there. 

You guys are based in Paris, but this was an idea that was born in an unusual circumstance about 10 years ago with your co-founder Hugo. Tell us more about that…

We had just finished our baccalaureate and Hugo and I met just before producing our first event in the club my family owns in Paris, because they own a hospitality group in France, so we were around 18 years old, and it went great. Hugo went to London to work, but we still produced events between London and Paris, and now here we are. 

What do you enjoy about organising events and hosting celebrity DJs like you are for the Monaco Grand Prix? 

Hugo and I always said that we want to produce the kind of parties that we like to attend. We love traveling, we love what we do, and we just go around the world and out to restaurants, to cultural events, to Art Basel Fashion Week, stuff like that. Then we grow our ideas of how we want to do it. Monaco Grand Prix was perfect because we don’t want to just do a club, we want to do a cultural experience with many different aspects. And in Monaco, we have been able to have many partners to produce something that is more than a party in a club. 

How do you get access to those A-list DJs and performers? 

Around five or six years ago, I was working at the club I mentioned where Hugo and I did our first event, for four or five years. I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top, working with the artistic director of the luxury Casablanca brand. So I learned some great things from him. We produced huge parties, hosting celebrities for things like Paris Fashion Week. Meanwhile, Hugo was travelling London, and we met so many people and, like we always say, we want people who hang with us to have a great time. We make connections, they trust us and they call us.

Lilly’s Club founders Hugo Dutheil and Adam Demarle

Anybody who knows the Monaco Grand Prix knows that it is as famous and enjoyable for the parties as for the race itself. So, was that a drawcard for you? And how do you plan on standing out in place a like Monaco where there are so many incredible parties? 

We came in just after Covid, so it was pretty quiet, but we had something to say; we were new with a new vision. I think we knew what we wanted to do, but obviously Monaco inspired us because it’s a beautiful country, it’s amazing, and the parties there are legendary. We would hear about these parties when we were younger. So it inspired us, and made us want to go to the top because every party in Monaco is amazing. 

Obviously Monaco and the Monaco Grand Prix are synonymous with luxury and prestige. So, how are you incorporating those elements into Lilly’s Club? 

That was the challenge. This year we partnered with huge brands like Baccarat, who are trusting us with their 260th anniversary. This year we have introduced Lilly’s Lounge by Baccarat. It will be another section of the club, just behind the VIPs,  a little speakeasy-vibe bar with one of the 50 best bartenders in the world, caviar dishes by our partner Malakhoff Caviar, who supplies the caviar to Alain Ducasse restaurants. So, we have very high-end partners who will help bring the experience to another level. 

How many people are you expecting? How many people can you fit in there? 

We can fit around 1,000 people in the club, and around 30 in the speakeasy. So the Baccarat Lounge will be very exclusive. 

You have Peggy Gou on Saturday – she is huge right now and partnering with some of the biggest names in the industry… 

Yeah, it’s been quite a few years since we have been in touch with her team and we are finally able to bring her in, so we are very proud, it is going to be an amazing party. 

Where do you go from here? Are there plans to take Lilly’s Club to other venues and other places throughout the world? 

Of course. We always plan big for Lilly’s, and we want to go all around the world with it and follow all the big cultural events like Art Basel, Paris Fashion Week, etc. But obviously, if we go international, we want it to be as good as Monaco, we don’t want to propose something that isn’t amazing for our clients, so we will take our time. 

Adam, you are of the younger generation, so what fresh new dynamic, if any, do you bring to events here in Monaco? 

I think we bring a younger vision, and in working with brands like Baccarat – which is a 260-year brand – it balances out. We are able to modernise the way people party and this year we are going to have many surprise at Lilly’s Club. It will be like a festival, not just a club. 

For tickets to Lilly’s Club, visit the website: https://lillysclub.com/event

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Will Smith joins ocean cause, announces new Westbrook Racing team for UIM E1 World Championship

Hollywood actor, musician and film producer Will Smith has taken on the mission to save the oceans, launching a new team in the UIM E1 World Championship – the world’s first all-electric raceboat Championship. 

Westbrook Racing, named after Smith’s global entertainment company, will join the fleet for the second race of E1’s debut season at the E1 Venice GP this weekend, 11th and 12th May.

The Championship sees nine teams go head-to-head in high-octane racing at iconic global cities including Jeddah, Monaco and Hong Kong in a bid to be crowned “Champions of the Water”.

It means Will Smith could very well be cheering on his team when they compete in the Monaco UIM E1 World Championship on 27th July.

The actor joins an impressive roster of team owners in the Championship that include NFL icon Tom Brady, tennis legend Rafael Nadal, international DJ Steve Aoki, footballing superstar Didier Drogba, philanthropist and businessman Marcelo Claure, star cricketer Virat Kohli, F1 hero Sergio Perez and Grammy award-winning musician Marc Anthony.

The arrival of the new team aligns Smith’s affinity for electric and competitive sports with E1’s mission to accelerate sustainability in marine mobility. With over 265M followers across social media, Smith will use his global platform to help elevate the world of electric sports and mobility and the shared goal of creating a more sustainable future.

“As a fan of racing, the opportunity to be part of the E1 fleet and play a role in realising its broader vision got me very inspired,” said Will Smith. “The entire Westbrook team is truly excited to bring Westbrook Racing to the water and join such an amazing group for this race.”

A star line-up 

Westbrook Racing will be led on the water by Lucas Ordoñez, who entered professional racing from the virtual world as a GT Academy winner before racing at Le Mans five times, as well as SuperGT and Formula 3, and Sara Price, a professional racer and stuntwoman and winner of 17 national motocross championships, along with performances in Extreme E, the X Games and the Dakar Rally.

Smith is launching the team in conjunction with Westbrook Inc, the media and company he founded with wife Jada Pinkett Smith, Miguel Melendez, and Ko Yada in 2019.

“Will Smith is simply one of the most famous names on the planet. He’s shown throughout his career he is a born winner, so we are incredibly excited to see how this transitions to racing on the water,” said Rodi Basso, co-founder and CEO of E1. “He’s also time and again proven himself as an inspirational force for good in a multitude of ways. Together, we are looking forward to pursuing our joint ambition to progress the electrification of sport and the positive effect this will have on the wider marine industry.”

Kosaku Yada, CEO of Westbrook Inc. added, “We are looking forward to working with E1 co-founders- Rodi Basso and Alejandro Agag – and our investment partners – Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, Alshair Fiyaz and Tommaso Chiabra – to launch Westbrook Racing and to bring entertainment to the electrification of motor sports.”

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Photo source: E1 Series