Pink Ribbon Monaco announces a new partnership and two galas in May

pink ribbon monaco gala

Pink Ribbon Monaco, the Principality’s leading breast cancer charity, has a big month ahead, with two gala events coinciding with the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. The charity has also announced the formation of a new partnership with Susan G. Komen Hawaii, a frontrunner in the international breast cancer awareness crusade. 

Best known for its annual Pink Ribbon Walk, the charity is spreading its wings this May to host two concurrent gala evenings. 

Both galas will take place on Friday 24th May.

One is the black-tie Monaco Grand Prix Floating Charity Gala, being organised by Agenxy, which will see VIP guests board a 70-metre superyacht and enjoy delicious fare from The Main catering before starting the bidding at a silent auction and listening to live entertainment in Port Hercule. Click here for more information. 

The second party, the Annual Global Short Film Awards Gala, will be held against the backdrop of the Cannes Film Festival at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes on the city’s famous Croisette. Proceeds from the silent auction at this event will again go to Pink Ribbon Monaco. 

An ultra-glam and celebrity-filled occasion, the evening will feature musical performances and a luxury fashion show by designer Andres Aquino. For tickets and more information, click here.   


Natasha Frost-Savio, the founder and president of Pink Ribbon Monaco, recently announced that her charity would be joining forces with the Susan G. Komen Hawaii association, which is part of the Texas-based Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. 

“After years of unwavering commitment to breast cancer awareness, we are thrilled to unite with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, pioneers of the global movement,” shared a spokesperson for Pink Ribbon Monaco on social media.  

As partners, the two aim to raise funds for “critical research and support programmes” as well as to further showcase Monaco’s commitment to the cause.  

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Photo credit: Monaco Communications Department / Frédéric Nebinger

New collective composting site opens at Parc Princesse Antoinette

A new shared composting area will be set up at the Parc Princesse Antoinette this Saturday, and everyone in Monaco is invited to bring along their household organic waste and learn more about composting. 

The composting site will be accessible to the public during park opening hours.

From 9am to 12pm, Claire Serrano, Master Composter of the Terre en Compost association, will be present to explain more about composting and answer users’ questions.

Four separate bins will be installed: two for organic waste matter, one for crushed material to complete the process and ensure the balance of the compost, and one maturing bin to rest the compost before use. 

In addition to the public, the collective composter will also receive organic waste from the Municipal Restaurant at the Monaco Town Hall.

The compost produced will be used, primarily, to nourish the soil and plants in the Princess Antoinette Park. 

Accepted organic waste includes vegetable and fruit peelings, shells, coffee grounds, tea, and fruits and vegetables, all cut finely.

“Through this new ecological and natural approach, the Mairie once again confirms its commitment to environmental protection and waste reduction by offering residents of the Principality simple solutions to encourage virtuous and respectful behaviour of the environment,” said the Mairie in a statement. 

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Photo credit: Lenka Dzurendova, Unsplash

Interview: Monaco Private Label’s Chloé Leclercq and her vision for the global elite club

One of the world’s most exclusive clubs, Monaco Private Label, has entered a new era with Chloé Leclercq at its helm. Determined to expand the impact of this elite group of people, Leclercq aims to attract a wider spectrum of exceptional individuals, particularly more women and younger generations of wealth.

Monaco Private Label (MPL) was created in 2009 within the Prince’s Government to connect exceptional business entrepreneurs and economic leaders with Monaco, uniting fortune makers throughout the world for the benefit of the Principality. In December 2023, MPL founder Michel Bouquier handed over the reigns to Chloé Leclercq, best recognised as a councillor at the Mairie de Monaco, where she is in charge of Youth, Unity and Gender Equality. 

The 37-year-old mother of two brings a new energy and focus to the invitation-only network, which comprises over 2,000 ultra-high net worth entrepreneurs, investors and economic leaders from 60 countries. Under the prestigious Monaco Private Label banner, members meet each year for an annual networking conference and gain access to high-level officials, including Monaco’s Head of State, Prince Albert II. They also get a luxury concierge service, VIP access to events like the Monaco Grand Prix and other generous perks.

What Monaco gains through this exclusive club is the opportunity to develop a robust community where exceptional individuals can thrive both personally and professionally, as well as contribute to Monaco philanthropically. While membership to the club is free, participation in the events is not, and – as a non-profit organisation – all the money raised goes towards entities like the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Monaco Red Cross and AMADE.

“At MPL, our goal is to make business leaders feel like friends of the Principality, integral members of our community,” Leclercq tells Monaco Life, adding that MPL’s mission is to attract and retain members while nurturing a sense of belonging. With 2,250 members currently, Leclercq has set her sights on increasing by 20% the number of residents among them, from 320 to at least 450.

“Our objective is not just to attract newcomers but also to retain them,” explains Leclercq. “We’re enhancing our efforts to engage with the local community while expanding our network through strategic partnerships and referrals.”

How to become a member of the exclusive MPL club

Membership selection remains a meticulous process, achieved through recommendations from MPL’s relationships with international departments like embassies and consuls. All members, says Leclercq, must align with MPL’s values and contribute to the Principality’s philanthropic endeavours.

“We seek leaders who share our commitment to sustainability, philanthropy and community engagement,” she explains.

Expanding MPL’s reach beyond traditional markets, Leclercq says the organisation’s focus is now on the younger generation.

“We’re targeting individuals aged 30 to 50, emphasising the appeal of Monaco’s stability and opportunities for families,” she says. 

Initiatives like Monaco Private Label Young Leaders aim to cultivate a sense of belonging among this younger demographic. Created in 2022, MPL Young Leaders brings together people under the age of 35, mainly from the families of MPL members, who stand to inherit their parents’ businesses and wealth. 

Europe as a target

While Michel Bouquier had a strong network in North and South America, Leclercq has a new agenda: the European continent.

Accompanying Fréderic Genta and his new Attractiveness Unit on international missions, Leclercq says, “We focus on Europe because these nationalities are already present in Monaco, they have a community here, so they will feel at home. There is also a historical link with these countries. We want them to see that there is a real community here, that we are welcoming but also incredibly professional, that we are business-focussed but have all the facilities needed to raise a family.”

Gender diversity in the elite club

Representing Monaco at the latest World Economic Forum in Davos, Leclercq says she was inspired by the significant number of female speakers who talked about the changes on the horizon.

“They told us that more and more women now have the ability – the patrimonial capacity – to invest,” she explains. “So be aware, they said, this is your new market.” 

According to the latest Forbes’ World Billionaires list, women occupy a small but growing slice of the world’s richest list, representing 369 out of 2,781 billionaires this year, or 13.3%, up from 337 in 2023, when women accounted for 12.8% of the list.

For Leclercq, acknowledging the need for greater gender diversity within MPL is imperative.

“While we have fewer female members currently, it’s a priority for us to increase representation,” she says.


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Podcast: Coral Scientist Denis Allemand

Many of the world’s colourful coral reefs are turning a ghostly white in what’s been confirmed as the fourth global bleaching event in the last three decades. 

In this Podcast, Scientific Centre of Monaco (CSM) Scientist Denis Allemand talks to Monaco Life about what impact this will have on the future of this ecological marvel, and what hope there is of saving the coral reefs as we know them today for future generations. 


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The beauty of spring to be celebrated at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild this weekend

This weekend, the gardens of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild on Saint Jean Cap Ferrat will host the annual Fête des Roses et des Plantes. This year’s event holds a special significance as it commemorates the 160th anniversary of the birth of Baroness Béatrice Ephrussi.  

On 4th and 5th May, the 13th edition of the Roses and Plants Festival will pay tribute to the founder and creator of the nine glorious gardens of the estate, Baroness Béatrice Ephrussi, who was born in 1864. Roses were a particular favourite of the Baroness and will take centre stage at the botanical springtime event.  

The outdoor spaces she created at this Belle Époque gem of real estate, which sits at the heart of the exclusive peninsular, have been classed as a Remarkable Garden by France’s Ministry of Culture and are well worth a visit at any time of the year, but they are especially beautiful in spring.  

Amongst the Andalusian Garden, the Florentine Garden, the Lapidary Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Exotic Garden, the Provençal Garden and the Rose Garden, it is the perfectly manicured French Garden in front of the pink Venetian-style villa that is the most famous. It is here that the majority of the festival’s action will take place. 

See more: Monaco Garden Club chooses ‘Seas and Oceans’ theme for 2024 International Bouquet Competition

From stalls and exhibitions to shows and even concerts, an array of activities and attractions suitable for visitors of all ages are being laid on by the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild and its team this weekend. A favourite with returning guests are the guided tours of the gardens and workshops with horticultural experts.  

Access to the villa will still be available for heritage enthusiasts who wish to discover the Baroque-style antique furniture and décor of the property. 

The festival will take place between 10am and 7pm on both days. Entrance for over 18s costs €17, while tickets for those aged seven to 17 years of age cost €12. Children aged six and under go free. A family ticket costs €48.  

For more information, click here.  

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Photo credit: Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Facebook

Greenwashing: EU cracks down on airlines’ misleading policies

EU authorities are clamping down on the potentially greenwashing practices of airlines on the continent by issuing a warning masked as an invitation to bring their practices into line with current EU consumer laws within 30 days.  

Greenwashing is a term often applied to economic entities that try to capitalise on unsubstantiated eco-friendly claims through marketing strategies that imply they are acting in an enhanced ecological manner.  

Certain airlines, for example, allege that they are offsetting carbon emissions through climate projects or are using of sustainable fuels, and ask passengers to contribute to the affiliated costs by charging additional fees.  

Other examples include the use of vague wording and statements such as “green, sustainable or responsible in an absolute way” and the throwaway use of terms such as “net-zero” without empirical proof of actions that back up the phrase. 

According to EU representatives, 20 airlines have been contacted regarding their attempts to greenwash their activities. These airlines have, via the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), the European Commission and EU consumer authorities (CPC), been invited to bring their practices into line with current EU consumer law within the next 30 days.  

“If we want responsible consumers, we need to provide them with accurate information,” says Věra Jourová, the EC’s Vice-President for Values and Transparency. “More and more travellers  care about their environmental footprint and choose products and services with better environmental performance. They deserve accurate and scientific answers, not vague or false claims. The Commission is fully committed to empowering consumers in the green transition and fighting greenwashing. We expect airlines, as well as any other industry operator, to make a responsible use of environmental claims.” 

Airlines are being asked to respond to the allegations set out in the official letters with concrete measures that will correct their practices or to verify their marketing claims in meetings with the CPC.  

If any airlines fail to respond, they may face sanctions, such as fines or penalties, in the near future.

Click here for more information.

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Photo source: Artturi Jalli, Unsplash