SBM workers strike during Grand Prix weekend

Monaco’s biggest employer, Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), and the government have both condemned a workers strike among SBM cashiers during the Monaco Grand Prix, pointing out that the workers are paid three times that of their French counterparts. 

The Syndicat des Caisses, or Cashiers Union, which affiliated with the Union des Syndicate de Monaco in April, filed the strike notice for Monaco’s busiest, and most lucrative, time of the year. SBM has called the move “particularly inappropriate”, while the government has also condemned the action. 

Responding to the union’s claims that SBM discriminates against women and Monegasque citizens, the company said, “Of course, there is no discrimination against women or nationals. How can we imagine, for example, that a young Monegasque woman starting out in the service could claim the same remuneration as a person who sometimes has up to 35 years of seniority?”

According to SBM, the average monthly salary for a cashier in its establishments is €5,666, plus bonuses and profit sharing. In neighbouring France, the average is €1,700. 

“It is necessary to remember that, since 2019, as part of a vast reorganisation of the sector of cashiers, the overall payroll of the service was reassessed to the tune of more than €1.7 million  per year,” said SBM.

Government voices disapproval

The Prince’s Government has weighed in on the action, saying in a statement, “The allegations of discrimination against women and/or Monegasques within the Société des Bains de Mer was not brought to the attention of Government services. In addition, the average salaries practiced by the Société des Bains de Mer are largely higher than those observed for the same sector of activity in the neighbouring economic region.

“The Government can only regret the habit adopted in recent years by the Union des Syndicats de Monaco to use, to the detriment of consultation, as a means of pressure, major national events, in particular the Grand Prix period, of which everyone knows that it generates major economic spinoffs that benefit employers and employees in many sectors of activity in the Principality. This attitude goes against the interests of the vast majority of employees who invest in daily to make these events a success.”

Union leaders are demanding a “massive” salary revaluation, says SBM, and an increase in profit sharing 

“The additional cost linked to this unreasonable claim has been quantified to between €4 million and €6 million in additional payroll, which today already amounts to more than €9 million, for a workforce of 87 people,” added the company in its statement.

While condemning the action during the busiest time of year for SBM, the company says it invites union leaders back to the negotiation table for discussions over the coming weeks. 

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Photo credit: Cassandra Tanti, Monaco Life

France sets July deadline for property ownership declarations

Property owners in France have been required to make a déclaration d’occupation regarding the type and status of their real estate assets since 2023, and the deadline for reporting any changes since then is now on the horizon.  

New rules on the reporting of property ownership in France came into effect in 2023. The regulations require all property owners to tell the tax authorities about their real estate assets, confirming whether the properties in question are main or secondary residences as well as who lives in the property if it is not the owner themselves.  

These records are still valid from 2023, but if there has been a change of situation between 1st January 2023 and 1st January 2024, such as new tenants, the purchase of a new home or a change of primary residence, property owners are required to update their information.  

The deadline for this has been set as 1st July. Late declarations may incur a €150 fine.  

To facilitate the process, a questionnaire was provided at the end of the standard online tax return forms that reminded people of the need to report any changes. If changes have occurred, the enquiry form automatically redirects people to a Gérer mes biens immobiliers page, which is also accessible directly on the website. Paper applications are also available.

A toll-free help line has also been set up to assist anyone struggling with the forms: 08 09 40 14 01. Representatives are on hand from Monday to Friday and from 8.30am until 7pm. 

If there have been no changes since last year, there is no need to take action.  

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Photo source: Bruno Buisson, Unsplash


Luxury Monte-Carlo: Three days of fashion, jewellery and VIP events

A dazzling array of top brands and designers will be heading to Le Méridien Beach Plaza’s Sea Club in June for Luxury Monte-Carlo, a three-day extravaganza of catwalks, exhibitions and poolside parties.  

Running from 7th to 9th June and hosted by The Unique Show, Luxury Monte-Carlo’s fourth edition promises to be the biggest yet, with 25 top-tier marques and maisons confirmed to be attending the VIP event.  

The luxurious weekend affair will be kicking off on the Friday with a Barons de Rothschild champagne and canapé pool party, where guests will be able to get a first look at the exquisite items on display. 

A private pool party will also be held on the Saturday evening. A special guest DJ will be providing the soundtrack for an exclusive fashion show, and invitees will have the chance to browse the exhibitors’ stands while sipping fine wines and champagnes and mingling in an elegant atmosphere. 

Sunday offers VIP clients the opportunity to register for a colour analysis session with Milanese image consultant and psychologist Sabrina Cecutto. She will help clients discover their best hues, pairing them with the perfect jewels to enhance natural beauty. 

As an added bonus, visitors will be able to combine several passions as Luxury Monte-Carlo is running concurrently with Top Marques, the “world’s most exclusive car show”. 

VIP tickets to Luxury Monte-Carlo are available for purchase by the day or as a weekend pass. For more information on the event and to buy tickets, click here.

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France: Citizen census declarations required for all 16 to 25-year-olds

Citizen census

All French citizens, whether native-born or naturalised, must submit a citizen census to the French government from their 16th birthdays in order to access certain rights. Here’s how the system works.  

To stay within the letter of the law, French people between the ages of 16 and 25 are required to complete a citizenship declaration either online or at their local town hall.  

Applicants must provide a valid national identity card or a passport as well as an up-to-date Livret de Famille and, for those choosing to apply in person at the mairie, proof of residence. 

The rules vary for those people born in France to French parents and those who have obtained citizenship via other avenues. For French natives, the form must be completed within three months of the individual’s 16th birthday. For those who obtained French nationality between the ages of 16 and 25, it is mandatory that they register within one month of becoming a citizen.  

Once in the system, a census certificate will be provided. This allows those in possession to register for higher educational courses, like professional studies and bachelor’s degrees, as well as for practical things such as driving licences. It also ensures automatic entry into the national electoral rolls at the age of 18.  

Any changes to a person’s situation up to the age of 25 must be flagged to the National Service and Youth Centre (CSNJ) online or by post. 

For more information about the citizen census, click here

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Getting around the city during the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix

If you are heading to the 81st Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, or will simply be in Monaco, here is everything you need to know to navigate your way around the city.

The circuit closes to vehicles and pedestrians every morning between 6am-7:30am and reopens in the evening between 6pm-9pm, though on-track incidents can delay evening reopening. 

Access to the circuit is provided through 10 entry gates, each designated for specific grandstands. Recommended entrance gates include Gate 1 for Le Rocher (General Admission and the cheapest option), Gate 2 for Grandstands N, O, P, V, etc. For more information, click here: Trackside at Circuit de Monaco – 2024 Monaco Grand Prix –

A tip for the general admission areas is to get there at around 6am to secure your spot as the system works on a first come first serve basis.

Bus schedule

The Autobus de Monaco network will see significant disruptions. Several bus stops will not be served on lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and express lines X1, X2, X3, and X4. For more information, click here: Monaco Bus Company (

For regional transport, Zou!, several lines will also experience changes. Adjustments include Line 600 Monaco/Menton, where stops such as Place d’Armes and Princesse Antoinette will not be served, and Line 80 Monaco/Nice, where several stops, including Spélugues Fairmont and Grimaldi Forum, will also not be included. Lines 603, 604, and 605 will also have changes, with the Place d’Armes stop not being served. For more information about this, click here: My ZOU Bus lines! in the Alpes-Maritimes (

Special shuttles will connect the new Parking des Salines to the circuit to ease the transport of F1 watchers. These shuttles will run every 10 minutes between 8am and 8pm, offering free rides upon presentation of the parking ticket. To access the shuttles’ pedestrian map, scan the QR code below:

Parking des Salines has special rates for Saturday 25th May and Sunday 26th May. Any vehicle that parks before 3pm will only have to pay €20 instead of the usual €25 for three hours of parking.

See below for the bus route map of the shuttle bus from the Salines Car Park.

See more: Grand Prix: Major roads and access points to close in Monaco for four days

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Photo credits: Monaco Government Communications Department

Abracada’bricks: Four Lego masters coming to Monaco’s Espace Léo Ferré


Abracada’bricks, a new Mairie de Monaco-sponsored event taking place in June is set to inspire the next generation of Lego masters.  

On Friday 7th June, the Espace Léo Ferré on Avenue Albert II will be hosting an exciting Lego event for children aged eight to 12.

Abracada’bricks will see the community space fully decked out with special Lego building tables and different themed zones. Six instructors and four Lego masters will be present to help the young builders to get to grips with advanced construction techniques and participate in an array of games and challenges.

The event will be inaugurated by Albus Rubrum Monoecus, the headmaster of the LEGO® School, and will conclude with a presentation of the children’s creations.

Parents are invited to attend the event, which will begin at 7.15pm and end at 9.30pm. A snack bar of unlimited sweet treats and non-alcoholic beverages will be on offer for the duration of the Lego session.

Tickets to the event cost €20 per child and can be reserved from Monday 27th May. Tickets will also be available on the day of the event.

The event is targeted at children who are enrolled at a school in Monaco or who are residents of the Principality. For more information, contact +377 93 10 12 10.


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Photo source: Amelie Mourichon, Unsplash