Christian Moore: “There’s never been a better time to join the Monaco Ambassadors Club”

monaco ambassadors club

In this, its 50th anniversary year, the Monaco Ambassador’s Club is hitting top gear with bold plans to open a clubhouse, partner with other associations, support sustainable solutions, and go global.

When Christian Moore took over as President of the Monaco Ambassadors Club (MAC) four years ago, Covid-19 put a screaming halt to all the exciting plans he and the board of directors had to revitalise one of the Principality’s oldest social clubs.

“Those two years were a very difficult time because, as a social club, we couldn’t really do anything social,” Christian Moore tells Monaco Life. “But it was always my plan to expand on what the previous president Alexander Moghadam had done, which was to bring back to life the Monaco Ambassadors Club, Princess Grace’s personal project with Prince Rainier to make members of the community emissaries for the message of Monaco.”

The MAC Board of Directors at the Christmas Gala 2022. Photo credit: Yvan Grubski

Monaco Ambassadors Club signature events

Nonetheless, 2022 showed what the Monaco Ambassadors Club was capable of, and members were treated to a series of exceptional social events, from the signature summer party and the annual Goodwill Ambassador Gala honouring John Christodoulou to the always elegant Christmas Gala. As Honorary President, Prince Albert II supported it all.

“As we are the Prince’s club, the Sovereign attends these events, so we give that access and understanding of Monaco a little bit more than perhaps other social clubs here,” adds Moore.

This year, the Monaco Ambassadors Club hits full steam. In July, the MAC will unveil its first ever clubhouse, in what was formerly the Star Deck of the Stars n’ Bars restaurant on Quai Antoine 1er, which itself is undergoing a rebirth.

“One of the club’s challenges that was quickly identified was that we needed a place where we could deliver the message to existing members and attract more members to have a greater impact on the community,” says Luc Leleux, Treasurer and member of the MAC Board of Directors. “So, one of the immediate targets was to have a clubhouse, which will become the base where members will meet, exchange, identify topics, and find sustainable solutions which are good for the community and can be delivered outside of the community of the Principality.”

MAC Honorary President Prince Albert with MAC President Christian Moore (left). Photo credit: Yvan Grubski

Taking the Monaco Ambassadors Club global

The next part of the strategy is uniting the Monaco Ambassadors Club with similar clubs throughout the world, offering reciprocal memberships, “so we can grow our base, but at the same time open the conversation to wider subjects”, says Moore.

The club will also begin organising events outside of the Principality to build personal and business connections, like the upcoming trip to Cyprus at the end of March, where members will have an opportunity to meet with the future president of Cyprus, engage in cultural visits, experience the ‘Cyprus Has Talent’ TV show and more.

“Our aim is to get a better understanding of how other countries can tie into Monaco on many levels, bringing forward those ventures that the Principality emulates on the environmental level,” says Christian Moore, adding that there has never been a better time to join the Monaco Ambassadors Club.

Membership includes single, couple or benefactor membership, which comes with a host of benefits, including event tickets for clients and partner marketing opportunities.

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Photo above: Prince Albert II of Monaco surrounded by Christian Moore (far left), John Christodoulou, and Mike Powers during the the 2022 Goodwill Ambassador Award. Credit: Yvan Grubski