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Monaco Open for Business: Olivier Mura, Junior Chamber International Monaco

Monaco Open for Business: Olivier Mura, Junior Chamber International Monaco

By Nancy Heslin - March 12, 2018

Olivier Mura Photo: Philippe Fitte
Olivier Mura Photo: Philippe Fitte

Olivier Mura, 2017 President Junior Chamber International Monaco

Olivier Mura, 2017 President JCI, for Monaco Life

ML: Tell us about your education and professional background in Monaco.
OM: My studies have been long and varied, as I did a professional baccalaureate in sales, a university degree in marketing, and then a Masters in Human Resource Management.

In 2010, when my father sold his car dealership company with 50 employees in Nice, I happened to see an ad in the local press for a sales manager at Auto Koncept Lotus in Monaco. I am very grateful for the trust that Pascale Ounnas, my director at that time, had in me, because he brought me into a quality company in the Principality.

I then left for British Motors/MyWay at the end of 2012, and I still work for MINI. Monaco was a personal choice because the market here was totally different, in a positive sense, from France. It was an opportunity and I do not regret one bit the choice that I made.

Photo: Philippe Fitte
Photo: Philippe Fitte

ML: How would you describe Monaco’s 18-to 40-year-old working community and what would surprise people to learn about the working culture in the Principality?
OM: The 18-40s are very active. They work in varied and diverse fields and are committed to their jobs. It’s much less stressful to work here than in neighbouring countries because of the quality of life offered here.

Many young people from outside Monaco believe that it is impossible for them to come to work in the Principality, as all they see are pictures of stars and sports cars. This image is gradually changing thanks to the efforts of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, and the government who are communicating about the investment being made towards energy transition and the vitality and dynamism of Monaco in all sectors.

Our actions are also helping to show the reality of the Principality where more than 52,000 people work daily compared to a resident population of 37,500; it’s exceptional.

ML: How did you get involved with Junior Chamber International Monaco (JCI Monaco)?
OM: When I arrived in the Principality in 2011, a friend, Jean-Nicolas Rousselot, who was a JCIM member and one of the initiators of the JCI Monaco’s commission team, told me about the organisation. It was during the plenary assembly of January 2013 that I decided to go to meet the young members.

I was amazed by the projects in progress, especially the European Conference, and this is what motivated me to became fully involved. In JCI Monaco I discovered commitment, quality and an impeccable team spirit to carry out all the projects.

JCEM Business Time. Photo: Philippe Fitte
JCIM Business Time. Photo: Philippe Fitte

ML: Tell us more about JCI Monaco.
OM: Created in 1963, JCI Monaco aims to bring together the enterprising young workers in the Principality with a mission to develop Monaco’s economic attractiveness.

Our vision is to be the number one organisation for leaders and entrepreneurs of the Principality and our goals include developing the skills of our members in business leadership or to be successful in their professional lives, to help the community and contribute to its progress, and to contribute to the positive image of Monaco abroad.

The JCI Monaco is about openness, commitment, teamwork and projects, and innovation – adapting to an ever-changing world

Volunteering: each member finds gratification by acting in their field, in the development of their personal leadership skills, and in the strength of the network.

As for training, the experience of action helps personal development – leading and managing teams, taking on responsibilities and public speaking skills.

JCE, Business Time a Fondation Stelios. Photo: Philippe Fitte
JCE, Business Time a Fondation Stelios. Photo: Philippe Fitte

ML: What kinds of Entrepreneurship, Networking and Training events and conferences does JCI Monaco hold?
OM: Our actions are structured around three major themes: entrepreneurship, training and networking.

Our initiatives include the Business Plan Competition, Economic Directory, Startup Weekend, Employer’s Guide, Monaco Trade Survey, Get in the Ring, and Graine d’Entrepreneur, which is a collaboration with the Board of Education, Lycée Albert 1er, and 15 business owners who talk about their professional experience to high school seniors in order to create a virtual project.

Our big networking activities are Business Time evenings, and business breakfasts with topics related to the Monegasque economy.

We also do a TEAM sport tournament for Monegasque companies and administration, and offer after-work training from 6:30 pm to 8 pm, on various topics such as leadership, management, personal development, entrepreneurship, public speaking, etc.

ML: How is JCI Monaco involved in the community?
OM: It’s one of our missions, to develop the economic attractiveness of Monaco through our actions and events. We have Member of the Management committee of the Monaco Economic Board (MEB), a seat on the Economic and Social Committee (CES), a seat on the Strategic Council for Attractiveness (CSA), and a seat on the Observatory for Industry and the Observatory for Trade.

ML: How is it involved with the International Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCI)
OM: We work together with the International Junior Chamber, which includes 200,000 members from 112 countries, to provides young people with development opportunities to create positive change. And for the first time in Monaco’s history, JCI’s Executive Vice-President is a Monaco-resident, JCI Monaco member Kevin Hin.

ML: In your role as president between January 2017 and December 2017, what did you learn?
I learned not to give in, to push myself and to exceed my limits, but also to be able to count on people. As an only child, I am quite individualistic in nature, and JCI Monaco has made me more open to teamwork, and for this, I thank my Board of Directors and my Committee Directors for their unfailing support.

I also learned to express myself in public, quite bizarre for a president I know, because it is an exercise that I appreciate very little. Professionally I learned to divide my tasks – to lead the JCI Monaco and to work as part of a team.

JCI 2018 President Olena Prykhodko with Olivier Mura, 2017 President. Photo: Flickr JCE Monaco
JCI 2018 President Olena Prykhodko with Olivier Mura, 2017 President. Photo: Flickr JCE Monaco

ML: What advice would you give the 2018 President, Olena Prykhodko-Sullivan?OM: Our presidency is a unique experience, as we operate on several axes and must have an open mind and be responsive to meet the challenges of the current year and prepare for the next.

We are presidents of a movement that requires constant evolution while, at the same time, we carry on our shoulders the weight of the previous years and the exceptional work done before. Our mission is to create a network of young leaders and quality entrepreneurs to move forward and adapt to a changing world.

Olena is for me the person who best represents JCI Monaco today and I am proud to pass the torch to such a brilliant young woman.

ML: Who should join the Junior Chamber International Monaco, either as an associate member or active member?
OM: Anyone who wants to develop his or her business network, create new business opportunities, improve leadership skills, and contribute to the success of Monaco.

For more, see the Junior Chamber International Monaco’s websiteArticle first published March 11, 2018.


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