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Interview: Film Writer and Director Johnson Cheng

Johnson Cheng talks about his inspirations, what it’s like to direct for television and what motivates him to continue pursuing his craft.

Interview: Ballet dancer, First Soloist and Princess Grace Award winner Harper Watters

In addition to his work as a ballet dancer, Harper Watters has made a name for himself on social media, where the videos of him dancing in towering pink heels has made him a viral sensation.

Interview: Principal Dancer Cassandra Trenary

In this month’s exclusive interview, Cassandra Trenary speaks about her love of ballet, finding the human moments in iconic classical ballet works, and working through the pressure of being a...

Interview: Environmental Interdisciplinary Artist and Director Sarah Cameron Sunde

Sarah's largest series, '36.5/A Durational Performance with the Sea', took place in nine locations across six continents, in which she stands in a tidal area for 12-13 hours as the water engulfs her...

Exclusive interview: the “villain of Broadway” Patrick Page

Patrick Page: he performs Hades in the Tony-winning Hadestown, stars as Jacob alongside Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in the new Christmas classic Spirited, and can be seen as Richard Clay in...

Interview: Princess Grace Award winner James Udom

A rising star on both the stage and screen, James Udom shares his love of Shakespeare, what it was like to work with Denzel Washington, and his choice to take a pause on a successful acting career to...