James Wren

James Wren is the Zoological Society of London’s Executive Vice President of Global Resources and Monaco Life’s contributor on sustainability.

Author’s Articles

Nature can recover 

Scientists at ZSL have used long-term space satellite data to monitor and evaluate the impacts of more than 20 years of nature restoration efforts at the Knepp Estate in the UK. The results are...

Flying into trouble? 

Seabirds represent one of the most threatened groups of birds in the world with almost half of all species in decline. But there is hope, according to new research by ZSL.


A new year, a new start

ZSL has published an analysis of palm oil producers, which found that 93% have not assessed climate risk, despite the industry contributing significantly to the world’s greenhouse gas...

Hope for coral reefs

The effects of climate change on marine environments can be seen across the world, and nowhere is this more apparent than our coral reefs which are one of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth. 

Opinion: Investing in the future of our shared planet 

The planet is facing two of the biggest threats in its history, biodiversity loss and climate change. Our collective failure to act is having disastrous consequences.

Technology is the key to conservation

James Wren reveals the story behind the world’s first plant-powered selfie taken by a fern called Pete.