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Sportel cancelled

As a resurgence of the Covid pandemic brings continued uncertainty for the coming months, organisers of Sportel Winter have given up trying to pursue their February event at the Grimaldi Forum.

What is the Blue Fund?

Businesses looking for a digital overhaul will have up to 70% of the project paid for by the government in a recovery package designed to help companies reach their digital potential.

Brexit and VAT explained for Monegasque companies

When the UK officially left the European Union on 1st January 2021, the concept of intra-community transactions between Monaco and the UK, which are exempt of VAT, ended.

CSM signs finance deal with coral molecule maker

The CSM has become the first public entity to take an interest in a private company, signing a financial deal with startup Coraliotech for its work applying coral molecules to human health.

Government launches Monaco Boost incubator

Monaco’s entrepreneurial eco-system has received a major “boost” thanks to the opening of another government funded start-up incubator capable of supporting 108 businesses.  

Overcoming gender bias in financial system

New research from Barclays Private Bank shows that the next generation of HNW women are set to change family and banking dynamics as their share of global wealth steadily increases.