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Dinner at the Rock

There’s a new face on the Rock, Portuguese-Australian restaurateur John Contente.

Living La Dolce Vita at the Bal de Noël

Classic Italian glamour was the theme of this year’s Bal de Noël on Saturday night, and privileged guests certainly embraced the concept with all the beauty and class that has come to be expected...

Monaco Ambassadors Club Christmas celebration 2019

The Monaco Ambassador Club’s annual Christmas party has been celebrated in spectacular style at the Salle Empire of the Hôtel de Paris.

National Council votes

Major step forward for gay rights in Monaco

Same sex couples in Monaco will be able to benefit from a host of legal rights afforded to married couples and their children, under a new Free Union law that has just been passed by the National...

Results are in on satisfaction survey

In October and November, nearly 4,000 people responded to a call to give their opinions on the quality of life in the Principality, and it’s no great surprise that traffic and construction noise...

Digital health records soon available in Principality

Patients in Monaco will soon benefit from having their medical history stored in e-health records. EHRs, as they are otherwise known, are real-time, patient-centered records that make information...