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Monaco Declaration delivered at ocean symposium

“Ocean pollution is widespread, worsening and, in most countries, poorly controlled." That’s the key message to have come out of the 1st Human Health and Ocean forum in Monaco.

New waste reduction website

Monaco residents can visit the city council’s new website to learn everything about disposing of household items for reuse and other waste reduction initiatives.

Business College formed to prevent plastic pollution

BeMed officially launched its Business College on Monday, supporting companies of all sectors and sizes in implementing concrete solutions to reduce plastic pollution.

New Environment Council kicks into action

A range of new regulations have been put towards the Environment Council in Monaco, including more government subsidies to reduce energy consumption in the Principality.

Raising awareness through film

Over 500 students were invited to be jury members for Le Temps Presse Festival this week, an event designed to raise awareness about poverty and sustainability through film.

Millennials driving sustainable investing

New research from Barclays Private Bank shows that the younger members of wealthy families are pushing ESG investing, acting as a common ground for the different generations.