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29 Covid cases 16 May, 6 hospitalised - 3 res, 45 home monitored, 11,922 recoveries, 57 deaths, 207 incidence rate, 71.7% vaccinated

Eric Brundage


Owner of Monaco Life and CEO at Sand Spring Partners

In addition to owning Monaco’s leading source of English-language news in the Principality, Eric Brundage is CEO at US-based family office Sand Spring Partners, whose core competency is to work with families and family offices (in a number of jurisdictions) with respect to wealth transfer and wealth accumulation tax issues. They also work closely with clients on specific alternative and non-correlated investment strategies.

September 20, 2019 | Culture

Romero Britto exclusive exhibit at the YCM

Five works from Brazilian artist Romero Britto will be exhibited at an exclusive gathering this Satu..