Carrefour recalling own-brand mozzarella due to listeria fears

carrefour mozzarella

French supermarket giant Carrefour is recalling an own-brand mozzarella cheese product following fears that some items may be infected with the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. 

Carrefour is asking its customers to check their fridge for pots of its own-brand mozzarella after a health alert was issued on 17th August. The concern is the potential presence of Listeria monocytogenes, the bacterium responsible for listeriosis, in one lot of products sold across stores in France. 

The product in question is the Carrefour Extra brand 120g Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana PDO Mini pot. The specific lot is number L199. It has an expiry date of 17th August. The supermarket has said people who have purchased this product should not consume it and should return it to a Carrefour near them as soon as possible for a refund.  

If it has already been eaten, health monitoring is in order. Symptoms of listeriosis can include fever, muscle aches, headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance and convulsions. See a doctor if these indicators arise.  


Listeriosis is a serious infection caused by ingesting food contaminated with the bacteria, and affects about 1,600 people each year, of which some 260 die. It is most likely to impact people over 65, those with weakened immunity, newborns and pregnant women.  

“Severe forms, with neurological complications and maternal or foetal damage in pregnant women, can also sometimes occur,” say health authorities. “Pregnant women, as well as immunocompromised people and the elderly, should be particularly attentive to these symptoms. Listeriosis is a disease which can be serious and whose incubation period can be up to eight weeks.”  


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Photo source: Benjamin Brunner, Unsplash

New direct flights from North America landing soon at Nice Airport

philadelphia nice

American Airlines has announced a new Philadelphia to Nice flight from May 2024, making it easier than ever for North Americans to visit the Côte d’Azur. 

Days after Monaco Life reported an uptick in the number of American tourists visiting – and splashing the cash in – the French Riviera, an exciting new transatlantic service has been announced for next year. 

From May 2024, American Airlines will be operating a daily connection between Nice and the east coast US city of Philadelphia.  

“After United and Delta, this new destination via the Aeroport de Nice rewards our efforts to make [Nice] ever more attractive,” said Nice’s mayor, Christian Estrosi, on social media.  

The airline has also revealed that it will be expanding direct access to two other European cities next summer, Naples and Copenhagen, from Philadelphia. This is American Airline’s biggest expansion in four years, and tickets will go on sale for the new routes on 20th August.  


This destination joins a number of other North American direct routings from Nice: New York City, Atlanta and Montreal.  

A plan is reportedly in the works for a Nice-Miami flight too, which would make access to the Caribbean and Central and South America much more convenient, as well as give visitors a chance to easily get to one of America’s most vibrant cities, which boasts a strong French community of around 40,000 people.  


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Photo source: Chris Murray, Unsplash

Elite police sent to Marseille amid deadly gang war that’s being played out on social media

The French government is deploying an elite police unit to Marseille to tackle a deadly drugs-related crimewave that has already seen a dozen people killed since mid-July. 

The CRS 8 police unit, which specialises in combating urban violence, will be deployed for over a week to carry out targeted operations against drug crime syndicates.

The elite police had already been sent to the southern city in February to combat drug trafficking.

A dozen killed in a bloody gang war

Since mid-July, 12 people have died as part of an ongoing war between two powerful networks known as ‘DZ Mafia’ and ‘Yoda’. Since the beginning of the year, their fight has been responsible for 80% of homicides or attempted homicides by organised gangs in Marseille, according to Frédérique Camilleri, the Prefect of Police of Marseille.

But it is the new way this vicious gang war is being played out that has Camilleri particularly concerned. “We are entering a new world of drug-related violence, with murders being staged on social networks,” she explained.

In February, a 17-year-old teenager died after being lynched by around 30 people in the Paternelle housing estate. The attack was filmed and broadcast live on Snapchat.

Teenage recruits

Authorities say that gang members and victims are getting younger. In early April, an 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of shooting dead two teenagers aged 15 and 16.

Meanwhile, the proportion of victims aged between 14 and 21 is increasing, with 14% aged between 14 and 17, and 27% between 18- and 21-years-old.

Since the start of the year, 36 people have died in Marseille as a result of drug trafficking.

The Marseille public prosecutor’s office says that each day in the city, a minor is brought before a juvenile judge or the juvenile court for drug-related offences.

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Photo credit: Olivia Chaber, Unsplash