France improves access to parental leave for new employees

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Until now, workers must have been employed for a minimum of 10 months in order to benefit from paid maternity and paternity leave. Here’s what has changed.  

Working mothers benefit from a mandatory minimum of 16 weeks paid leave for a single birth, between 34 and 46 weeks for multiple births, 10 weeks for adoption and additional leave if they are having their third or over child. Fathers are entitled to 25 calendar days of paternity leave, or more for a multiple birth.  

Whilst these figures are set with the well-being of both parents and children in mind, the government does have criteria that must be met in order for families to access these benefits.  


One such requirement was that the person requesting paid leave for childcare purposes needed to have been affiliated with an occupation linked to Social Security for 10 months. In other words, they must have been paying into the system for at least that amount of time.  

Following a decree published on 19th August in the Official Journal, the number of months a person must have been working and paying into Social Security to receive childcare benefits has been lowered to six months. This is in line with a European Union directive that deals with the balance between the private and professional lives of parents and caregivers.  


The new rules apply to insured people whose start date of maternity, paternity, childcare or adoption leave is after 20th August of this year, and women for whom maternity leave, due to a medical condition resulting from pregnancy or childbirth, has been increased and therefore started prior to 19th August. 

The new six-month period applies to employees, entertainment workers, non-salaried agricultural workers and the self-employed. Unemployed people may also take advantage to these allowances if they meet certain conditions, such as receiving unemployment benefits or having ceased their salaried activity for less than 12 months.

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King Charles III confirms dates for official visit to France  

Six months after pension reform riots scuppered what would have been their first official state visit overseas, King Charles III and Queen Camilla have agreed on new dates for trip to France.  

Back in March, King Charles III and Queen Camilla were meant to cross the Channel and make a journey to France for their first official state visit as monarchs, but protesters on this side had other ideas.  

Pension reform riots were in full swing in L’Hexagone, and after careful deliberations, both governments made the call to postpone the trip and wait for calmer times. Charles and Camilla thus bypassed France and headed to Germany.  


Now the time has come to reschedule. Via a press release issued on 24th August, Buckingham Palace announced that the King and Queen of the United Kingdom will be visiting Paris and Bordeaux between 20th and 22nd September.  

“The visit will celebrate the shared history, culture and values of the United Kingdom and France,” read the statement.  

According to French President Emmanuel Macron, “[The visit will be] an honour for France at a time when our country will also be hosting the Rugby World Cup. It will bear witness to the depth of the historic ties that unite our two countries and our two peoples and will help showcase French expertise and know-how.” 

The details of the visit have not been released, but if it follows the agenda set for the previous visit, it will include a state dinner at the Château de Versailles as well as a trip to Bordeaux. King Charles will likely travel by train, a method appreciated by the environmentally aware monarch. 


The upcoming voyage will mark the 35th time that His Majesty will have officially visited France. For the Queen Consort, this will be Camilla’s ninth visit in an official capacity.  

Their last joint tour was in 2019, when the then Prince and Duchess celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Landings at a service in Bayeux Cathedral. 

The King’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, made a total of five state visits to France during her 70-year reign. She was a fluent French-speaker, and in addition to the official trips, she made numerous private visits.  


Following the French trip, King Charles is reported to be planning a major tour, with Kenya being mentioned as a possible stop. Its intention is said to be the strengthening of links between Commonwealth nations, of whom he is the titular head.  


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Photo source: The Royal Family / Facebook