Covid-19: Prince’s Government warns against complacency amid Eris variant

As the public prepares to head back to school and the office en masse, the government is encouraging everyone to remain vigilant in light of a new strain of Covid that is circulating, although it adds that there is no plan to impose restrictions on the population.

According to the latest figures, the number of Covid-19 cases being recorded in the Principality and the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes department has risen due to the emergence of a new EG.5 variant called ‘Eris’, which is a sub-lineage of the Omicron variant.

“The Covid-19 virus is still circulating. However, to date, the situation does not require imposing restrictive measures given the minor symptoms caused by the latest strain of the virus in circulation and the absence of impact on the Princess Grace Hospital Centre,” said the government in a statement on Friday 1st September. “However, we must exercise the greatest vigilance by continuing common sense actions such as wearing a mask in the presence of symptoms and up-to-date booster vaccinations, particularly for people at risk of serious forms and people aged over 60 years.”

People who do test positive for Covid-19 and suffer persistent systems can consult their treating physician who “has full discretion to prescribe work stoppages if individual situations require,” says Health Minister Christophe Robino.

The government says that although the vaccines currently offered are effective against the virus, a new vaccine, adapted to the Eris strain in circulation, is being validated by international health authorities with the aim to be administered before the winter period.

In the Principality, vaccination appointments can be obtained by contacting the Monegasque screening center at (+377)


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Monaco’s Piscine Saint-Charles to reopen with extensive swimming programme

piscine saint charles

From baby swimming classes to “Aqua Trampo”, the indoor-outdoor Piscine Saint-Charles is reopening on Monday 4th September with a packed programme for all ages and abilities.  

Now that summer is over, the recently renovated Piscine Saint-Charles is once again opening its doors with a roster of great events for all, including the new Aqua Mermaid and Aqua Dolphin classes for children and Aqua Power +, Aqua Gym and Aqua Relax for adults, which were all launched in June to rave reviews. 


The gym is now a hub for activities such as yoga, Pilates, and fitness classes, with free access to sports equipment for those who prefer their workouts to be a more solo affair. Class sizes are manageable, with limits of eight people per session, giving them a personal feel. 

There is also the addition this September of 30-minute long Aqua Trampo classes, which see participants jump on a submerged trampoline in the pool. The water’s resistance works to amazing effect to tone arms, legs, bottoms and abs, as well as having lymphatic drainage benefits. As the water is only thigh deep, those taking part don’t need to know how to swim. 

Of course, baby swimming as well as prenatal classes are still available.  

Piscine Saint-Charles
The new-look Piscine Saint-Charles, which was reopened earlier this year. Photo credit: Mairie de Monaco


The municipal Piscine Saint-Charles’s facilities can’t be beat, especially since the major year-long renovation to the site, which was completed in June of this year. 

The 216m2 freshwater pool is energy-efficient as well as beautiful, and the walls and windows have been reinforced with insulation in compliance with new energy consumption regulations. Locker rooms and shower areas, as well as the revamped reception, were designed by Monegasque artist Jérome Hein, giving the location that extra something.  

Though the pool reopens on 4th September, the first round of classes isn’t until the following day. For hours of operation, prices and the full schedule, please click here.  


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Photo credit: Mairie de Monaco


New energy-efficient tunnel lighting project continues in Monaco

monaco tunnel

The first stage of a project to replace outdated lighting systems in Monaco is nearing completion under The Rock, but Phase Two is about to begin on Boulevard du Ténao.  

Back in July, the Principality launched a lighting replacement and renovation project to upgrade the fluorescent and high-pressure sodium bulbs that currently illuminate the country’s tunnels. They are being replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting in line with Monaco’s overall switch to more environmentally-friendly practices.  

The first group of tunnels concerned run under the Rock. Here, some 1,340 new LEDs are being installed in the seven tunnels that make up the network. The work in this part of Monaco is nearly finished, although some road disruptions persist.  

Workers are on the job from 9pm to 5.30am in order to limit impact on daytime traffic, but by night, the majority of the tunnels are closed. Travel between Fontvieille and the rest of the Principality is only possible via the Liaison Marquet.  

The second phase of works is due to begin on 4th September. This part of the project concerns the Tunnel Saint Roman on Boulevard du Ténao. Here, state services will switch out 234 old bulbs for new over several weeks between early September and 20th October. The work will be carried out during weekdays from 8.30am to 4pm.   

“In order to limit nuisance, the work will be carried out with alternating traffic, with restitution of the two-way traffic outside the working hours,” says a government spokesperson.  


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Photo credit: Michael Alesi / Monaco Communications Department