Come onboard Phoenix 2, worth a cool €125 million

Let Monaco Life take you onboard one of the biggest – and most expensive – superyachts at this year’s MYS, the Phoenix 2, and be amazed by her Manhattan-style glamour.

At 90.1 metres in length, Phoenix 2 makes a dominant appearance at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. The Lurssen motor yacht, of Winch Design, is among the top six largest presented this year and is listed for sale with Cecil Wright for an impressive €124.95 million.

Built in 2010, and fresh from a 2019 refit, Phoenix 2 is in pristine condition and dazzling both inside and out.

Built for the late Polish billionaire Jan Kulczyk and handed down to his son Sebastian Kulczyk upon his death in 2015, New York and its skyline were the owner’s inspiration for this yacht’s styling. Motifs of the Empire State Building can be found everywhere, from the backs of bar stools and the carpet, to the wall art and cutlery.

The yacht even has a stainless-steel Phoenix sculpture on the bow in reference to the eagles on the Chrysler building.

The grand piano sets the tone for this moody main deck ballroom. Photo by Monaco Life

Phoenix 2 was the owner’s second Winch-designed yacht, but his first new build. Named Phoenix, the first yacht was built for a different owner who had requested a Parisian art-deco theme. For his first bespoke yacht, Kulczyk chose to surround himself with New York art deco.

High-gloss macassar wood is refreshingly light enough to allow the other main colours – black, cream, gold and burgundy – to create an ambiance of Gatsby glamour and entertainment.

Among the highlights are a dripping crystal chandelier that guides guests down an aluminium spiral staircase which serves four decks, a plush home cinema complete with popcorn machine, a hammam and spa, and a sundeck that features an oval pool with skylights filtering natural light into the lobby below, as well as a separate jacuzzi.

Looking up the spiral staircase on Phoenix 2, photo by Monaco Life

The master suit is accessed via a separate glass spiral staircase from the owner’s private observation lounge and office on the upper deck; the curved edges and polished finishes contrast perfectly with the bold black and white textiles.

A gilt-and-black lacquer Steinway grand piano is centred in the main deck ballroom, and beside it, an exquisite dining table that is overlooked by a swinging six-piece jazz band in custom made gold bas-relief mural.

Every plate, every phoenix-engraved chair, has been made for this purpose. It is opulence at its best.

The hammam on Phoenix 2, photo by Monaco Life

The superyacht can accommodate 14 guests in seven cabins. Watersports include four colour-coordinated wave runners, diving equipment and kayaks; and there are two touch and go helicopter platforms.

The Monaco Yacht Show runs until Saturday 30th September.

See more in our instagram video below, and scroll down for more images of Phoenix 2. ..



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All photos by Monaco Life

What does the future hold for state housing in Monaco?

state housing monaco

A new report by IMSEE has forecast the future housing needs of Monaco as well as the changing needs of the Principality’s citizens up to the Year 2024.  

It has been more than five years since the last report on the future of state housing in Monaco was released publicly by IMSEE, the Principality’s official statistical agency, and nearly eight since the last census on the Monegasque population was formally carried out in 2016. 

A lot has changed in those years, including some truly vast building projects that have added hundreds of additional homes to the state-owned property portfolio, and this fresh report has compiled all the relevant data and developments to paint a more up-to-date picture of the future of state housing needs over the coming 17 years.  

As before, the report was created at the request of the government, which is seeking to better understand the “evolution of the Monegasque population” as well as plan and manage the allocation of state-owned addresses.  

The report has concluded that the number of official Monegasque nationals, who are eligible for state-subsidised housing, will rise by roughly 1,000 people to 10,660 by 2024. This figure was reached using projections on births and naturalisations.  

Additionally, housing developments either currently in the works for 2023 to 2027 or planned from 2028 to 2033 will see a total of 1,327 new state-owned units built, with 715 in the first time period and 612 in the latter. 

This will allow the government to meet its objective of being able to provide state-owned housing to 75% of the Monegasque population by the end of 2034. 

At the end of 2022, just over 6% of state-owned properties were empty or yet to be allocated.

Click here to read the full report, which is currently only available in French.


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Photo by Monaco Life

Expedia Travel “Hacks Report” reveals best days to fly and book cheap tickets

travel hacks

Could this “Hacks Report” from travel search engine Expedia make booking a holiday cheaper and less stressful? Here are the tips and tricks you can try out for yourself. 

The Expedia Travel Hacks Report for 2024 has just been released and it contains some potentially cost-saving suggestions on which days are the cheapest to purchase airline tickets, handy advice on how to best avoid cancellations and the down-low on the best days to fly.  

According to the report, the best day to book is Sunday. If booking on this day, travellers can save around 8% on average over booking flights on a Friday, the most expensive day. This breaks down to roughly 6% savings on domestic flights and a huge 13% on international fares. For international business flyers, the saving from Sunday to Friday is a whopping 24%.  

Also, the best time to book a domestic flight is about a month before flying, saving passengers up to 24%. International travellers should book 60 days in advance or less in order to get the best deals and save up to 10%.   

Flights departing on a Thursday tend to be cheaper; up to 16% cheaper than on a Sunday, which came out as the most expensive day to board.  

On the subject of cancellations, picking a morning flights will reduce your likelihood of getting stung by a cancelled flight. Expedia’s research found from year-to-date flight status data that flights departing after 3pm were 50% more likely to be cancelled than those earlier in the day.   


The report also covered facts and figures on travel-related stress and how it can affect holidaymakers pre- and during a trip.  

Based on a survey of a thousand flyers, 39% of passengers find air travel was more overwhelming than a stuffed inbox, visiting the dentist or sleeping through an alarm. Getting a good deal on tickets concerns 43% to the point of worry, while 17% suffer from “fear of missing out” after the checkout and check back regularly to see if the deal they got was the best one.  

“In terms of stress levels, booking your next flight shouldn’t be in the same ballpark as getting a cavity filled,” said Melanie Fish, Head of Expedia Group Brands’ public relations department. “The good news is many of the things that contribute to travel stress are getting better, and Expedia is constantly releasing new tools like Price Tracking and Trip Planner, that make the whole booking and flying journey smoother.”


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Photo by Stephanie Horsman of Monaco Life

Prince Albert and Princess step aboard the new Saint Georges

saint georges monaco

The first day of the Monaco Yacht Show provided the perfect opportunity for the Monaco Police Department to officially launch its new high-performance rapid intervention vessel, the Saint Georges.  

Ever keen to keep up with – if not stay ahead of – the times, Monaco’s Maritime Police Division has welcomed into its fleet a brand-new rapid intervention vessel (RIV). 

The Saint Georges is a 10-metre Rafale 1000 model from the French maker and shipyard Sillinger. The semi-rigid vessel, which features the latest performance technology, will be a key tool in the arsenal of Monaco’s specialist maritime police department when performing at-sea rescue missions.  

It can welcome onboard up to 12 people and has a maximum speed of 45 knots or just over 83 kmph.  

The vessel, which replaces the outgoing Libecciu, was officially inaugurated in Port Hercule on Wednesday 27th September in the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco, his wife Princess Charlene and niece Charlotte Casiraghi. The Saint Georges received the blessing of the Archbishop of Monaco, Dominique-Marie David, ahead of its first outing. 


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Photo credit: Stéphane Danna / Monaco Communications Department 

Mark Bradford comes to Monaco with ‘Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen’ exhibition at Hauser & Wirth

Hauser & Wirth is hosting a major new solo exhibition of works by American visual artist Mark Bradford that takes its inspiration from the mythical ‘The Hunt of the Unicorn” tapestry cycle.  

“The Hunt of the Unicorn” is believed to have been woven at the turn of the 15th century in the Netherlands and depicts a tale of a band of hunters and dogs pursuing a unicorn before its eventual capture and death.  

“Often considered to be an allegory for the crucifixion and resurrection from Christian theology, the tapestries portray a dense, dreamlike world populated by hundreds of plant and animal species where ecosystems of predator and prey proliferate,” read the Hauser & Wirth presentation of Bradford’s new exhibit.  

“Bradford reconstructs this landscape using accumulated layers of paper and caulk processed with his signature techniques of sanding, tearing and oxidation,” continues the gallery. “As he dissects the historical legacy of one of Europe’s most beloved works of art, Bradford illuminates parallels between the contemporary world and the Dark Ages, centering on figures relegated to the margins of history who are often the last to receive aid and comfort in times of turbulence.” 

Bradford is described as being drawn to medieval tapestry, something he calls “old-school comic books”, and their intrigue is brought to the modern day with his sombre and immersive installation at this prestigious Monaco gallery address in Place du Casino.  

A key element of the exhibition is the site-specific work ‘The Map of Hell’, which is inspired by a Botticelli illustration depicting the ‘Divine Comedy’. It has been installed in the stairwell leading down to the principal gallery space; a journey Hauser & Wirth muses is “reminiscent for Bradford of Virgil’s descent into the bowels of hell”.  

Bradford’s exhibition, entitled ‘Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen’, will be displayed in the Monaco gallery of Hauser & Wirth from 29th September until 11th May 2024. 


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Photo credit: Mark Bradford, courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth, photos by Stefan Altenburger Photography Zürich 


Fundraiser led by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou raises €864k for Pelagos Sanctuary 

stelios pelagos

An incredible €864,000 was raised at the annual Stelios Foundation fundraiser in Monaco thanks to generous donations from 60 philanthropists, including the UBS Optimus Foundation and Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou himself.  

The fundraiser, which was held on Wednesday 27th September in the Principality of Monaco, saw some 60 specially invited guests and philanthropists dig deep to support the important work being done by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect the Pelagos Sanctuary.  

This protected marine zone covers roughly 90,000km2 of the Mediterranean Sea, an area stretching from the coasts of Italy, Southern France and Monaco to the island of Sardinia, encompassing the island of Corsica. It falls beneath the protections of the Pelagos Agreement, a joint declaration signed between the three afore mentioned nations, which has made the conservation of marine mammals in the area its most central mission.  

The recent fundraiser is an annual occurrence in Monaco – this is the 11th such event – and was well-attended by local dignitaries, including Prince Albert, who accepted the donation on behalf of his eponymous foundation and the WWF.  

In all, €223,000 was donated directly to the cause by open-handed guests, and a further €170,000 was raised through a live auction.  

The generosity continued as the UBS Optimus Foundation increased the sum by another 10% on the total, before the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation doubled the amount to reach the astronomical sum of €864,000.  

“I am touched that so many friends responded to the call to save our seas,” said Monaco resident Sir Stelios. “The Pelagos Sanctuary is very close to our home and we have to preserve it. The sum raised is up 154% on last year and brings the grand total raised for the cause by our joint efforts since 2013 to €2.5 million. We are looking forward to breaking the record again next year as we are here to help for the long run!” 


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Photo credit: Stelios Philanthropic Foundation