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Prince hosts tribute concert at the Palace

Prince Albert has honoured the people of Monaco who remained mobilised during the Covid-19 crisis with a special invitation-only summer concert at the Palace.

"Happy holidays!"

Princess Charlene has shared a picture of her adorable twins soaking up the sun on their extended summer holiday on the island of Corsica.

Prince Albert tops ranking of European royalty

Prince Albert II of Monaco is the best qualified of all reigning monarchs in Europe, according to a new study.

Boxer and Princess team up for charity

Princess Charlene and recently-retired fighter Conor McGregor have been training together off the coast of Corsica for an upcoming charity race sponsored by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

A history of music in the Palace

To celebrate Palace Day this year, the Prince's Palace of Monaco has shared some interesting insights on the important role that music has played to Princes throughout the centuries.  

Jazmin Grimaldi hit with coronavirus

Prince Albert’s eldest daughter Jazmin Grimaldi has revealed on Instagram that she has tested positive for Covid-19 and is struggling through the "debilitating" symptoms of the virus.