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The future of real estate at the Monaco Blockchain Conference

What is tokenisation: money, shares in a company or a piece of real estate could all be represented by tokens recorded on a blockchain.

EU grounds Boeing Max 8

Europe is the latest to ban Boeing 737 Max 8 flights in its airspace following Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines tragedy. It comes after France, Germany and Britain all announced national prohibitions.

Monaco’s Silversea lands four critics awards

Monaco based Silversea Cruises has taken out four first place wins in the 9th annual Cruise Critic Cruisers’ Choice Awards on Wednesday. Among the accolades, Silver Galapagos was voted Best Shore...

Lloyd’s Brussels secures licence in Monaco

Lloyd’s Brussels, the Brexit subsidiary of Lloyd’s of London, is now authorised to underwrite insurance and reinsurance risks located in Monaco.

(Left to right) Ing Marco Casiraghi, Anthony Ritossa - Chairman Ritossa Family Office, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou - Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, Eric Brundage Publisher - Monaco Life, Sofia Michelakis - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Giuseppe Ambrosio - President of the Monaco Single & Multi Family Office Association.

World’s largest and most exclusive gathering of family wealth

Top family offices and elite investors will travel to Dubai in March for the 8th Global Family Office Investment Summit hosted by Anthony Ritossa.

Abercrombie & Kent boosts its prime position in luxury travel market

Two of the world’s leading visionaries in luxury travel have come together to further develop Abercrombie & Kent as the premier brand in luxury and experiential travel.